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The Digital Maturity Index

Every year, we analyze the digital maturity of the manufacturing industry along four holistic indices, structured into more than 90 operational and strategic parameters.​

Latest results: Digitization remains on the agenda despite crises

Digital maturity enables the company to cope with a multi-crisis environment emphasizing the need for digital transformation. Against this background, our latest study shows that the financial effects are coming under pressure - but digitally mature companies are still achieving significantly higher returns. The development of new business models is now on the agenda of almost all companies and now outweighs functionally isolated optimization efforts. ​

Read the entire article here to find out more on our findings and recommendations.​


Check your digital pulse

We assess your digital maturity on different levels and propose a tailored pathway to enable you to leapfrog ahead in your digital transformation

Become a Digital Champion

Become a Digital Champion

Our Quick Assessment compares your digital maturity to your peers and gives you an inditidual and concrete action plan to become a digital champion

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From Gross to Subtle...

In three levels we assess your individual digital status quo and propose a tailored pathway to enable you to leapfrog ahead in your digital transformation.

Three levels of assessing your digital status quo

Maturity Index for an enterprise

Gain initial insights and set the stage for further overall digital vision & strategy.

Maturity Index for supply chain networks

Gain deeper insights, focus on value chain strategy, capabilities, process model, technology and data analytics.

Maturity Index for detailed function

Gain profound understanding of select processes, technology and data analytics.

Our Topics

Success along the digital transformation can be quantified. We provide insights on parameters influencing EBIT and revenue uplift as well as digital performance indicators.

Make It Count

Make it count

Based on the current situation, our DMI helps benchmark companies according to the identify archetype in an industry comparison.

We typically rate Ebit uplift, revenue uplift, productivity increase, related investments along dimension like software, hardware, immaterial assets etc.

We project true financial value coming along picking the appropriate digital recipe.

Which digital archetype are you?

We have identified 6 different digital archetypes – which develop differently along industries, depending on their starting points for their digital transformation.


Love to combine consistent digital strategy with operational excellence to achieve a flexibility advantage.


Focus on developing his digital strategy
hand in hand with operational excellence
to achieve cost advantages.


Show distinct advances in digital
business through an innovative portfolio but average operational success.


Focus on digitalizing the core value chain,
founding her success upon flexibility through innovative solutions.


Seek to consistently advance digital
skills in both index dimensions by preparing to transition with his peers.


Lack digital skills
in both index dimensions using digitalization to improve overall

Podcast: Digital Factory Talk about the Digital Maturity Index

Episode #3 – DMI & digital cost transformation within the automotive sector

Digitalization in the manufacturing industry in times of downturn - the management of a successful digital transformation depends more than ever on the right strategic decisions. This is a major challenge because important decision factors are shaped by an uncertain future. The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) will help with the first steps and the right prioritization of what is essential.

Episode #7 – Accelerating Digitalization - Recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities from digitalization

Our new book on the Digital Maturity Index, Accelerating Digitalization, is a collaboration with the University of Duisburg-Essen and was published in March 2021 (Springer, Amazon). In this podcast, we present the main topics of the book, including accelerating digitalization approaches, go into detail about the cooperation with the university, and look into the future together.

The Digital Factory Talk

Behind the Scenes

Our Deloitte Digital Maturity Expert Team combines functional operations knowhow with strategic expertise and digital fluency

Lead Partner | Digital Operations

Dr. Harald Proff

The Head

Dr. Harald Proff

Director | Digital Operations

Claudia Ahrens

The Heart

Claudia Ahrens

Manager | Digital Factory

Yvonne von Ostrowski

The Soul

Yvonne von Ostrowski

Manager | Digital Operations

Dr. David Müller

The Body

Dr. David Müller

We are Digital Operations

Due to the complexity of transformation, ecosystems, partnerships and the handling of intellectual property are critical success factors in this context.

Dr. Harald Proff, Lead Partner
Strategy & Operations


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Core Philosophy of Digital Transformation


Think big


Create a vision. Strategize and vet opportunities.


Start small


Design, develop and implement pilots to accelerate value.


Scale fast


Scale solutions, transform the application landscape and results.

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Deloitte Digital Maturity Index

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A Vision of a fully digitalized company turned into reality. The combination of Digital Factory experience and results from our Digital Maturity Index enable us to generate comprehensive best practices. We are able to provide insights why some companies are more successful on their digital journey than others AND how your company will become a digital champion.