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Digital Factory

Evolution of the smart factory leading to new business models

Our Digital Factory provides an innovative environment, combining the old and the new world of supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Welcome to the Deloitte Digital Factory

Digital transformation challenges

Digitization drives optimization of traditional core business which in turn allows companies to invest in new business opportunities. Based on our experience, many companies have already dealt with Industry 4.0 but struggle to operationalize integrated concepts.

Traditional, linear supply chain nodes are collapsing into a set of dynamic networks, increasing the need for an integrated supply chain. The „digital core“ is the center of a connected smart supply chain and thus the driver for future value creation and new business models.

With the Digital Factory, we support our clients along their digital journey and will achieve exponential benefits with joint forces.

Digital core: The center of a connected supply chain

Our clients are always asking: How we are going to do this? Of course, in such a radical transformation like the digitalization, there are no benchmarks available right now. However, there are best practices available. And those best practices we are going to show in the Deloitte Digital Factory. 

Dr. Harald Proff, Operations Lead

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Value creation through digital transformation

In order to create exponential value through a digital transformation the overall goal is to achieve an integrated concept and new business models with combined use cases.

Our Digital Factory provides a flexible environment for innovative workshops and trainings. The specific use cases or the digital solution space will inspire and activate our clients to start their own digital transformation with the practical use of the latest technologies.

Selected use cases across the value chain are

  • Next level of product cost optimization
  • Next level of target cost reduction
  • Integration PD lean manufacturing
  • Next level of quality analytics
  • Product life cycle flexibilization

How does the Digital Factory benefit our clients?

Insights into the Deloitte Digital Factory

Photos of the opening event on September 14th, 2017

Click here to go to the picture gallery of our opening event on September 14th, 2017. 

We kindly invite you into the Deloitte Digital Factory.

Join us and explore your own digital capabilities!

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