Four Phases Approach Deloitte Neuroscience Institute


How the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute helps clients to gain insights on their customers’ implicit behavior

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute uses a standardized four-phase approach to tackle client projects – in each phase clients receive clear deliverables

In order, to consistently deliver best results, we have developed a standardized four-phase project approach with clear deliverables in every phase. That is how we ensure excellence and transparency for our clients throughout the whole process.

Project kick-off (~1 day)

The project begins with a kick-off together with key project stakeholders in order to finalize the study goals, verify selection criteria for participants and align on the overall study setting. In this phase, our client receives an aligned documentation on the aligned study goals and chosen design elements and functions as deliverable.

Study set-up and recruitment (~2 weeks)

After the project kick-off, we will set-up and test all technical components of the study and recruit 30 – 60 participants (number of required participants depends on specific client issue) based on aligned segmentation criteria.

Study conduct and data analysis (~3 weeks)

In the third phase, the actual study takes place. At the selected study location (e.g. supermarket), all participants will be equipped with Deloitte Neuroscience Institute equipment (e.g. EEG headset) and will be given defined tasks for the study (e.g. buy the following products).After the data collection has taken place, the neuroscientific data is analyzed by our neuroscientific experts. As a result, neuroscientific insights (e.g. based on EEG data) are available.

Final recommendations (~2 weeks)

Within the final phase, the neuroscientific findings of the study are translated into implementable and specific action recommendations for the client. For this, we will work in close collaboration with Deloitte industry experts in order to include their knowledge and experience. At the end, the client receives a final project report, which includes an executive summary of our recommendations as well as detailed results and findings based on our neuroscientific data.