User experience optimization with neuroscience


Achieve the best possible User Experience

Optimizing the infotainment system of a global automotive client enabled the clients’ customers to drive safe and happy

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute has enabled a global automotive client to improve the usability of its new infotainment system and reduce drivers’ stress level to a minimum.

The business issue of our client

The client developed its new infotainment system, which will be an integral part of the newest series of cars. In order to achieve best possible user experience for drivers the system is tested on a test circuit in order to understand drivers’ perception and identify potential for optimization.

Our delivered value

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute improved the usability of the infotainment system based on specific design recommendations that aimed for minimizing the driver’s stress level while driving. In addition, the client benefitted from an improved easy-to-learn menu design that simplified the adoption of the new system.

Our approach

In order to assess factors that influence the driver’s infotainment usage behavior, the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute has conducted an experiment where eye movements of drivers were tracked while simultaneously the driver’s workload was measured with EEG under real-life driving conditions on a test circuit. From the aggregated data gathered from the experiment, factors that trigger stressful situations and pain points during usage of the infotainment system were identified. Finally, all findings were translated into applicable action recommendations regarding the improvement of the infotainment design.

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