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The Deloitte Inspiration Talks are a series of exclusive meetups in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich that bring together corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, and digital leaders to discuss future-related topics such as emerging trends or technologies. A sociable number of people provides an atmosphere that fosters exchange and an interactive discussion. Participants and speakers with diverse backgrounds such as corporates, start-ups, researchers, and government representatives attend the Deloitte Inspiration Talks. With a focus on local speakers, we have become a platform that enables local ecosystem players to connect and interact.

The Future of Energy – Europe's Path to Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation plays a central role in the discussion about the dangers of climate change. Especially in summer 2021, we have seen what impact climate change can have on Germany. It was just one of our topics at the Inspiration Talk on Tuesday, 20 July. Hosted virtually by Deloitte and presented by TV host Matthias Killing, five inspiring speakers shared their approach to decarbonisation. They discussed how the energy transition has a concrete impact on the lives of each individual citizen, in what context digitalization can be used for intelligent, new control methods and if citizens support the energy transition or if regulations and incentives are required.

  • Ingo Müller, Head of Energy Solutions Business at Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH, Energy Retail and Energy Trading Expert
  • Dr. Lars Athenhöfer, Head of the Corporate Strategy unit at E.ON SE, PhD in Economics and has spent his entire professional life working in the energy industry
  • Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle, Vice President of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, winner of the German Sustainability Award (2015), the German Sustainability Award for Construction (2014), the European Solar Prize for Architecture and Building (2014)
  • Dr. Thomas Schlaak, Partner and Sector Leader Power Utilities & Renewables at Deloitte, advises energy clients in Germany and worldwide
  • Anna Alex, Co-Founder & CCO (Chief Customer Officer) at Planetly, a climate tech company that develops digital tools to help companies calculate, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions

We are grateful for this inspiring exchange, the great speakers and the lively and interested audience. Knowledge sharing is one of the steps in an effective direction. Let's tackle the issue together and support each other in the energy transition!

Virtual Inspiration Talk Panelists

The world after COVID-19 – crisis as an opportunity to rethink

The COVID-19 virus is currently posing major challenges around the globe. Uncertainty about long-term effects of the virus on areas such as society, culture, economy and politics raises many questions. 

On Thursday, April 23, the first virtual Deloitte Inspiration Talk took place. The webcast, hosted by Deloitte and presented by Steven Gätjen, brought together six inspiring speakers from different areas such as politics, finance and social entrepreneurship. They shared their thoughts on the impact of the current situation, difficulties for society during the crisis, prospects and future visions developing out of it. 

  • Lars Klingbeil, member of the Bundestag & SPD Secretary General
  • Laura Lewandowski, entrepreneur, columnist Business Insider & podcast host for the Podcast INNOVATOR Sessions from Innovator by the Red Bulletin magazine
  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, Scientific Director, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
  • Michael Fritz, co-founder, Viva con Agua       
  • Dirk Müller, financial expert & bestselling authorAmber Riedl, co-founder & Managing Director, Makerist

We are thrilled that, with more than 400 participants, we were able to provide a platform for such an interesting and lively discussion on a topic that currently keeps the whole world in suspense. 

Virtual Inspiration Talk Panelists

The Ecosystem Play – Collaboration and platforms as a success factor | Deloitte Inspiration Talk Hamburg 2019

Rapid technological development and new digital, data-driven business models as well as cross-industry innovation and competition are increasingly leading to challenges across all industries. To tackle these challenges, many firms change their way of working and how they interact with their business partners. Cooperation of start-ups and companies, mergers of industrial partners or the creation of platforms to bundle customer-centric offers are just a few to name.

On Thursday, September 26th 2019 seven inspiring speakers shared their experiences of ecosystems from a start-up to SME and corporate perspective:

• Florian Resatsch | CEO, VC/O Viessmann
• Magnus Graf Lambsdorff | Advisor Viessmann
• Cécile Wickmann | CEO & Founder, REBELLE
• Christian Leybold | Managing Partner,
• Nico Lumma | Managing Partner, next media accelerator
• Simon Tüchelmann | CEO & Co-Founder, kreatize
• Sabela Garcia Cuesta | Manager, WeWork Labs

Our panelists discussed the value of collaboration within an ecosystem and agreed that start-ups and corporates really need each other. Corporates, on the one hand, have an urgent need for new ideas, technologies and business approaches while start-ups, on the other hand, need the access to markets, capital and expertise.

When start-ups and corporates come together “agility and curiosity meet market understanding and this always leads to exciting projects afterwards", Nico Lumma (next media accelerator) concluded.

Just like a grand finale, we finished the event by being inspired from the ecosystem approach at Viessmann. They took our audience on their journey from building a co-creation space in Berlin that established an environment for long-term collaborations with start-ups, corporates and experts, to initiating a culture and business transformation at their headquarters in Allendorf.

We are delighted to have hosted and discussed this hot topic with more than 100 people and are looking forward to hosting our next Inspiration Talk in Hamburg in early 2020.


The Future of Urban Mobility | Deloitte Inspiration Talk Berlin 2019

In every major city in the world, there is a lot of potential to make mobility more sustainable, convenient and safe. Many questions arise when thinking about urban mobility: What will urban mobility look like in the future? To what extent will emerging technologies and the coexistence of innovative mobility services change our mobility behavior for the better? These questions and more were discussed during our fourth Inspiration Talk on the 5th of September 2019 at our Deloitte Digital Studio in Berlin.

Challenges and opportunities in the mobility sector

With increasing numbers of visitors and residents in Berlin, crowded streets and a lack of parking spaces, demand for efficient mobility solutions is high. At the same time, fine dust and nitrogen dioxide pollute the air in high-traffic city areas, increasing the pressure to change mobility in a way that we keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Looking at Germany, many cities, Berlin at the forefront as well as young and established companies, see the potential to use changes in society and technological progress to change mobility for the better. New trends such as autonomous driving, shared mobility, electric vehicles and micro mobility offer the customer of tomorrow the opportunity to travel more sustainable, more comfortable and safer.

Panelists shared their vision for The Future of Urban Mobility

On Thursday, September 5th 2019, we welcomed four experts to our Deloitte Digital Studio in Berlin Neukölln to join our panel discussion about The Future of Urban Mobility:

Benedikt Middendorf, Lead Mobility Strategy at Volkswagen Financial Services, told us about how adaptation to changed consumer behavior will ensure future success of OEMs like Volkswagen.

Stefano Sandri, Marketing Manager Germany at VOI, talked about the value that micro mobility adds for the urban traveler and how VOI will cater to other micro mobility needs in the future.

Dr. Matthias Brendel, Head of Audi Denkwerkstatt at Audi, explained the role of ecosystems when it comes to creating innovation in mobility, and how partnerships between corporates and start-ups work.

Dr. Christoph Hellmann, Head of Portfolio New Mobility at Deutsche Bahn, spoke about how Deutsche Bahn seizes business opportunities beyond its core business to cater to the needs of the traveler of tomorrow.

After the speaker impulses and inspiring discussions with a highly involved audience of 80 people, moderated by Lars O. Lüke, Director at Deloitte Digital, the Inspiration Talks ended with a night of networking, finger food and drinks. We are looking forward to hosting our next Inspiration Talk in Berlin in early 2020.

About the Deloitte Inspiration Talks

The Deloitte Inspiration Talks are an exclusive series of reoccurring events in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich that bring together top entrepreneurs, investors, and digital leaders. During interactive panels with local experts from the start-up, corporate and research world, we discuss emerging trends and late-breaking topics.


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