Sharpening marketing messages by means of neuroscience


Sharpen your marketing message and leave competitors far behind

The ideal sales arguments for prescribing the drug of a global pharma client

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute helped a global pharma client to derive the most important sales argument for its existing drug in order to defend its position against the more effective offering of a threatening new entrant.

The business issue of our client

The client found itself challenged by a new competitor that offered a more effective product to the client’s customer base. In order to defend the market share, the client prepared a new marketing campaign that addressed physicians to prescribe the client’s existing drug. However, the client faced uncertainty about the most effective sales argument.

Our delivered value

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute identified the most important sales arguments for physicians to prescribe the drug and sharpened the marketing message. Furthermore, a new marketing strategy to position the drug against the new entrant’s offering was developed. In addition, the overall design of marketing materials was improved based on physicians’ preferences to make the marketing materials more appealing. 

Our approach

The Deloitte Neuroscience Institute conducted a study with physicians that consisted of two parts:

First, the physicians were equipped with eye tracking glasses and an EEG headset while reading the sales document for the client’s product. This part provided specific insights regarding physician’s unconscious perception of the marketing materials (e.g. layout, design, storytelling).

The second part of the study consisted of a qualitative interview with the physicians regarding the sales document revealing direct improvement suggestions.

Finally, the results of both parts of the study were merged and documented in a final report including specific improvement recommendations for the marketing document.

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