Deloitte Digital Maturity Index (DMI)

On the Pulse of Digitalization

Today’s differentiating value proposition will change into a necessity. To leapfrog ahead in Digital Maturity, companies need to focus on their digital portfolio leading to new business models, while simultaneously follow suit with their process model. Since there is no ‘one fits all’ approach, we support you in creating your individual digital recipe.

Envision a fully digitalized company: human, machine and product communicate in real time across all operating units. The ecosystem of suppliers, research facilities, competitors and customers is integrated. Continuous data transparency enables risk minimization at an early stage. At the same time, agile production systems allow cost-effective manufacturing of customized products within short lead times.

To turn this into your reality, the Deloitte Digital Maturity Index (DMI) – jointly developed by Deloitte and the University of Duisburg-Essen – marks the starting point of your digital transformation.

The Deloitte DMI is the result of a standardized approach, in which we benchmark your company against its peer group to derive your individual digital maturity level. Additionally, we identify concrete fields of action you need to take along your digital journey – ultimately, you will become a Digital Champion that combines consistent digital strategy with operational excellence to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

To give you a preview on how the current digital landscape is shaping, we conducted a survey among Germany’s CxO suite that reveals a full-fledged picture of the various digital paths on which companies stride. Additionally, our database enables the concrete quantification of financial uplift from which you can benefit through digitalization.


We invite you to take a snapshot of our results:

  • 25% of all respondents gain an EBIT increase up to 15-30% through digitalization

  • Being digitally advanced is not a guarantee for success – 29% of respondents could not turn digital maturity into significant business impact yet

  • Time is not decisive for digitalization success – most successful companies started their digital transformation only two years ago

  • Focus is either on (1) strategic or (2) operational aspects of digitalization – holistic digital business models and ecosystems or digitalization of business functions

  • Clear success factors are recognizable, followed as so-called "digital recipe", no matter where you are in the digital transformation
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We are dedicated to support you along your individual digital transformation journey.


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