Deloitte Digital Maturity Index (DMI)

On the Pulse of Digitalization

Digitization is still a differentiator today, but it will be a necessity in the near future. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to focus on new business models, digitizing their product and service portfolios, optimizing their business processes, and developing their organizational and individual capabilities. Since there is no "one-fits-all" approach, we support you with our Digital Maturity Index (DMI) in the development of your individual digital recipe for success.

Envision a fully digitalized company: humans, machines and products communicate in real time across all operating units. The ecosystem of suppliers, research facilities, competitors and customers is fully integrated. Continuous data transparency enables risk minimization at an early stage. At the same time, agile production systems allow cost-effective manufacturing of customized products within short lead times.

To turn this vision into reality, the Deloitte Digital Maturity Index (DMI) – jointly developed by Deloitte and the University of Duisburg-Essen – marks the starting point of your digital transformation.


Digital maturity as a success factor

The first issue of the DMI survey, jointly developed by Deloitte and the University of Duisburg-Essen, contains more than 200 interviews within the German CxO suite. More than half of them come from companies with an annual turnover of more than half a billion euros - a strong foundation for showing how companies can implement their digital vision more or less successfully. If one considers the results, digital maturity already plays a greater role than ever in the success of companies.


Data-driven approach: how the DMI can help your organization

Our database allows us to compare the digital maturity of your business against six digital archetypes and link it to your financial performance. Combined with strategic and operational insights versus industry peers, the index helps our clients drive their individual digital transformation with tangible financial impact on digital business concepts. We identify concrete fields of action that describe your next steps on the way to becoming a Digital Champion - a combination of digital strategy and operational excellence to achieve a significant competitive advantage.


The main results of the Digital Maturity Index study at a glance:

  • 25% of all respondents gain an EBIT increase up to 15-30% through digitalization
  • Being digitally advanced is not a guarantee for success – 29% of respondents could not turn digital maturity into significant business impact yet
  • Time is not decisive for digitalization success – the most successful companies started their digital transformation only two years ago
  • Focus is either on (1) strategic or (2) operational aspects of digitalization – holistic digital business models and ecosystems or digitalization of business functions
  • Decisive success factors are recognizable, as well as a so-called "digital recipe", no matter where you are in the digital transformation at the moment


Digital Transformation Leaders

As part of Deloitte’s Digital brand, we invented the Digital Maturity Index (DMI). We have a deep understanding of digital transformation from business process optimization to new business models across industries. We work side-by-side with senior executives from leading companies to transform the power of digitization into measurable results.


Identify your digital recipe

Our research among Germany’s CxO suite reveals a diverse picture of the various digital paths on which companies achieve success. There is no standard solution for everyone, there is only your own success story.

Digital Maturity Index
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We are happy to support you on your individual path of digital transformation.

For more information about the Deloitte Digital Maturity Index feel free to contact us. We very much would like to not only provide you with the results, but also take a closer look at your counterparts from your industry.