Target Costing in Disruptive Times


Target Costing in Disruptive Times

Discover the Next Level Target Costing Approach

Typical Challenges

Shifting requirements pose great challenges, which make it hard to ensure target cost control in fastpaced development projects.

  • Increasing variety of product features and versions
  • Shortened development cycles
  • New service business models
  • Isolated data silos
  • Increasing software integration
  • Development cooperation across industries
  • New laws and regulations

The Deloitte Next Level Target Costing Approach

Six key success factors provide answers coping with new requirements.

Industry megatrends and target cost implications

Regulatory pressure and new technologies pose new and higher requirements to the target costing process

Benefits of Deloitte’s Next Level Target Costing

Improved effectiveness and higher efficiency are the key benefits of Next Level Target Costing

Deloitte is your Full-Service Partner

From analysis to implementation, Deloitte has deep methodological expertise paired with technological understanding.


01 Analyze

Our cross-functional expertise and know-how

  • Quick hypothesis-based assessment
  • Strong and committed team with expertise in engineering, procurement, finance and your industry
  • IT architecture and implementation capabilities
  • Change Management know-how and tools
  • Collaborative, conceptually profound, solid hands-on and pragmatic working style

We supply enabling technologies

  • Advanced analytics
  • Visualization
  • Cloud


02 Design

Our cross-functional expertise and know-how

  • Tailored with proven methods approach and off-the-shelf adaptable solutions
  • External benchmarks of efficiency aspiration levels
  • World-wide network with experts from industry and science
  • Experience in large programs and stakeholder management

We supply enabling technologies

  • Big Data
  • In-memory computing
  • Process robotics


03 Implement and Anchor


Get everybody onboard with individual, receiver-oriented messages


Enable the organization and meet individual training needs


Change starts at the top through leading by example

Behavioral change

Establish a persistent mind-set change