About us

The Center for the Long View (CLV) is Monitor Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for the scenario-based Dynamic Strategy Approach. We help decision-makers develop dynamic, future-proof strategies by combining traditional scenario planning with innovative AI-powered research and real-time monitoring.

Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to master the future.


The Center for the Long View (CLV) is Monitor Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for the scenario-based Dynamic Strategy Approach. Our mission is to support decision-makers in the corporate and public sphere in developing dynamic, yet future-proof strategies. Therefore, we combine traditional scenario planning and strategic thinking with innovative cutting-edge AI-powered research and real-time monitoring capabilities. Based on our well-established methodology, we tailor our approach to the specific needs and circumstances of the client and empower decision-makers to cut through the complexity, embrace the uncertainty and be the first to identify and respond to market developments.

Headquarter Team

Our multidisciplinary team combines the best of both worlds with proven scenario planning techniques and AI technologies that sets us apart in the market. With our diverse team, we have a dedicated industry expert for every project. But we don’t stop there! Our projects benefit from the expertise of the world’s largest professional service network; rest assured that we will always have an ideal industry, topic or country expert on our – and your – team.

The core team consists of experienced scenario practitioners and sensing experts.


Florian Klein

“The world decision makers have to navigate today is volatile. Societal values, the political context, breakthrough innovation, as well as the competitive landscape are constantly at play with each other. Yet, that puzzle of moving pieces is the only basis we have to develop medium- and long-term plans. Our job at the Center for the Long View is to help executives making sense of this complex, dynamic world.”

Maximilian Schulze-Frölich

„Our team is a unique combination of strategists and technologists as well as experts from the large diversity of areas within the Deloitte universe. In addition, we work closely with our network, always having the unique demands of our clients in mind. Combined with our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative collaboration models, this truly sets us apart. The enormous growth in the last years confirms the clients’ need for our offerings, which combine proven methodologies and the latest technologies.“

Frank Becker

“Strategic decisions always have been highly challenging and impactful at the same time. What has changed tremendously are the dynamics of the external market environment pushing traditional, time-consuming strategic decision making to its limits. The combination of cutting-edge AI and proven strategical frameworks turn out to be the main success factor to better strategic decisions in an increasingly uncertain world. Therefore, the guiding principle in the development of Gnosis is to augment and not replace strategic decision-making.”



Scenario planning has its origins in the military strategy teams of the US Air Force and dates back to the 1940s. Herman Kahn, who was previously part of the Air Force effort, redefined scenarios as a business tool. In the 1970s, Royal Dutch Shell scenario planner Pierre Wack took scenario design to the next level by founding a dedicated scenario unit within Shell. After Shell emerged as the only company prepared for the oil crisis following the Yom Kippur War, scenario design gained acclaim as a business tool. Peter Schwartz, a student of Pierre Wack, started building scenarios on the future of the Soviet Union for Shell, including Gorbachev´s perestroika and glasnost. Building on this success, Peter Schwartz founded a firm focused on scenario analysis called the Global Business Network (GBN) in 1987, firmly establishing scenario planning as a driving force in the consulting industry. GBN was bought by Monitor in 2000, which then was acquired by Deloitte in 2013. After setting up the Center for the Long View in 2015 in Germany, Deloitte revolutionized scenario planning by combining established methodologies with cutting-edge technologies and a huge global expert network. Our Center for the Long View is therefore not only rooted in a rich history of expertise, but also well-equipped for the future thanks to exclusive access to the many experts of one of the world’s largest service networks.

International Center for the Long View hubs

After establishing the Center for the Long View in Germany, the CLV expanded its global footprint to respond to increasing demand among our international clientele. We have dedicated CLV teams around the world who bring together methodological excellence with local expertise. Our local hubs serve regional client needs with our EMEA team in Germany, our Asia Pacific team in Shanghai and our Americas team in Toronto.