Overview of the Center for the Long View's services

The future is yours to manage

Our portfolio includes innovative methods, processes, and solutions for the development of strategic future scenarios and the corresponding courses of action – individually tailored to your industry and the specific situation of your company.

Our range of services

  • Instant Future – standardized scenarios
    • Quickly retrievable scenarios for selected key industries or topics
    • Suitable for clients who need a sound assessment of the disruptive potential of their industry within a few days (for example in M & A projects)
    • Project duration 1 week


  • FastForward - fast implementation
    • Rapid-fire scenario workshops
    • Suitable for clients who need a well pre-structured, fast-acting scenario exercise
    • Project duration 2 weeks


  • Strategic Scenarios - comprehensive scenario analysis
    • Full-size scenario exercise with development and implications workshop and also preparation and follow-up
    • Suitable for clients who want to go deeper into scenario planning or to integrate the method into their strategy process
    • Project duration 6-12 weeks


  • Future Radar - individual strategy consulting
    • Holistic recording and prevention of strategic risks to the company or industries concerned
    • Suitable for clients who want to integrate elements of scenario planning into their quantitative analysis
    • Set-up of the scenarios and strategic implications within several weeks; project run-time or scenario monitoring depending on the individual case (typically 2-3 years)


Our service concept

Scenario design

  • Our services are based on innovative scenario design.
  • We understand scenarios as meaningful descriptions of the future based on data. Their purpose is to support management in order to be able to make the best decisions in future.
  • Our customers are comprehensively supported in the conception and implementation of scenario analysis for the derivation of strategic future scenarios. As part of the scenario analysis, we also ensure concrete implementation of the findings gained in the form of courses of action and scenario indicators.

For this we rely at all times on our network of industry experts in order to be able to tailor the future scenarios to your business situation individually.


The concept includes the collection and compilation of all necessary information and their analysis for the structured development of meaningful future scenarios.

Together we examine the status quo on the basis of all the information you provide and the findings of our team of consultants. In this phase, relevant future drivers are also identified. Future drivers are decisive factors that influence the future development of the industry and thus your market environment. In order to ensure that even the most up-to-date future drivers are included in the analysis, we make use of innovative analytics techniques for automated driver search.


The performance of scenario analysis involves the use of both innovative and classical methods for the development of future scenarios and the corresponding derivation of action options. On the basis of the theoretical preparatory work in the concept phase, we ensure that the future scenarios are valid and that the action options derived are best adapted to the respective scenarios.

In this phase, we rely among other things on our innovative workshop concept, in order to select the relevant future drivers in a collaborative approach. This makes a concrete idea of potential future scenarios possible. For the work shops to achieve the desired success, we have exceptional premises with the latest technologies and ensure an expert-led moderation according to scientific methods. For this we draw on the many years of experience of our scenario analysis experts and make use of advanced visualization equipment.


After the development of the future scenarios and a concrete idea of how the company environment is shaped in the respective scenarios, concrete options for action are identified to support you in implementing the findings.

As a result, particular consideration is also given to options of action that are as promising as possible in every scenario.

We also develop indicators jointly with you to help you identify early on which scenario is occurring in order to act accordingly. In order for this new vision to be lived in your company, we support you in establishing all the necessary processes.

Methods and expertise


At each stage, we provide you with access to a comprehensive team of experts. Thanks to innovative analytics techniques and collaborative platforms we are able to keep our network of experts up-to-date at all times.

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Dr. Florian Klein

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