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IoT: Balancing Act of Regulation and Innovation

From Aaron Dixon


As discussed in the blog post Connectivity and Vulnerability: An Examination of Cybersecurity Threats resulting from IoT Development, IoT devices and capabilities will continue to play a significant part in future business capabilities. In addition, due to the complexity of these devices and their capabilities, threats from malicious actors, as well as intrinsic vulnerabilities will exist. The logical approach to ensuring that IoT devices are kept as secure as possible rests upon the premise that security prioritization begins during development and production phases. More...

Challenges of Additive Manufacturing

From Dr. Harald Proff and Andreas Staffen


Customized design, greater efficiencies, higher performance and better environmental sustainability - Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential of evolving companies products by opening up new opportunities for design and manufacturing. Though its method is seeing increased adoption by companies across different industries, a wide-scale adoption, however, is affiliated with overcoming various challenges. Technological challenges, a lack of IT standards - just to name some of the issues at hand - are exemplary reasons why Additive Manufacturing has not been applied to it's full potential, as of yet. More...

IoT Platforms: Enable your enterprise to build IoT solutions faster, cheaper and better

From Leonard Michalas


The role of IoT in the manufacturing industry is increasing. Gartner forecasts 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020. Although it is not about general-purpose devices, but about dedicated-function objects, such as jet engines, connected cars or even coffee machines. Besides new business applications, IoT solutions enable businesses to analyze data generated by IoT edge devices and use these insights as a basis to improve business decisions. This article focuses on the IoT platform as one essential component of this development as well as introduces the Deloitte Digital Platform (D²P), which allows you to integrate and collaborate with data coming from various systems, devices, applications and human interaction. More...

Best practice: Optimizing the digitalization of industrial production lines with Big Data technologies

From Janos Vona, Lukas Feuerstein, Britta Mittlefehldt, Jiexin Zhou


Uncertainty in the market forces manufacturing companies to increase the flexibility of their production. Industrial leaders have already implemented automated processes and connected high tech equipment to perform live data analytics. But the transactional data generated during production are often only used for short-term analysis to detect issues and are then deleted from enterprise systems due to high storage costs. This report explains our best practice how to optimize the digitalization of industrial production lines with Big Data technologies. More...

Blockchain boosts operations excellence of chemical companies

From Andreas Flegel, Dr. Markus Stulle, Alexander Brox, and Dr. Marcel Papert


Regarding Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) and trust blockchain technology provides a tremendous potential for providing relevant information on complex supply chains in order to improve its management. As the worldwide consumption of chemicals is growing, chemical supply chains become even more complex. Therefore, the article highlights how blockchain technology can be applied to enhance SCV and trust in the supply chains of the chemical industry. More...

Connectivity and Vulnerability: An Examination of Cybersecurity Threats resulting from IoT Development

From Aaron Dixon


Whilst the Internet of Things has helped to revolutionize the way that people interact with technology, and has become an integrated part of our lives, there still exist serious threats that emerge from these technologies. As the IoT revolution is still in full swing, this article looks at the background of these developments and ensures that security by design/default principles is at the forefront of our minds. More...

The "Long Night of Industries" at the Deloitte Digital Factory

From Julia Kluger


The Deloitte Digital Factory was one of almost 100 companies and institutions from diverse industrial sectors that participated in the eighth "Long Night of Industries" to make industry come alive. More than 4.000 visitors in total explored the various facets of manufacturing. More...

Applying Principles of User-Centricity to the Development of IoT Use Cases

From Guo Yir Tang


The IoT revolution has been a driving force for further digitalization in many industries, the development of innovative business models and the building of collaborative ecosystems. IoT use cases differ inherently from web or other digital applications, as IoT combines both the digital as well as the physical world. More...

The relevance of open source intellectual property cores for the IoT development 

From Denis Daunhauer


Mastering the development in IoT is a critical challenge for many enterprises. The enablement to connect sensors and devices to vast mass amount of data as well as its analysis to innovate processes and business models is crucial for entrepreneurial success. In the discussion how to make IoT profitable, the focus is rather on data analytics. More...

The benefits of additive manufacturing

From Yvonne von Ostrowski, Pierre Lunet and Julia Kluger


The importance of additive manufacturing increases significantly in the context of the digitalization, especially regarding flexibility and design opportunities. The Deloitte Digital Factory highlighted the benefits of additive manufacturing at the second event of the Digital Factory conference series hosted by Formlabs. More...

Measuring Industry 4.0: Welcome to the Deloitte Digital Factory

From Julia Kluger


Industry 4.0 is gaining more and more importance. Companies have to expand their digital strategies to be successful in the market in the medium- and long-term. The Deloitte Digital factory offers solutions how to measure its impact systematically, starting from a data bank with over 280 application examples. More...

IoT Newsflash 06/2018

From Kaja Andritzke


In our sixth Internet of Things Newsflash we cover recent news and updates from the international IoT space.  Both HPE and Microsoft provided Edge computing news while the IIC announced a new testbed and Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics made their cooperation public. Additionally, a NelsonHall study examined the current state of IoT projects and a survey by Plataine/ highlighted current digital factory trends. More...

Introducing the IoT Bootcamp & Hackathon Vol. 1

From Dorothea Langer, Jan-Hendrik Adolphs, Tobias Hess


IoT can only function when the right set of skills come together to collaborate. Business and technology stakeholders have to apply an integrated ecosystem thinking to leverage the full potential. To deliver “as One” we have facilitated a practical training concept aligning our IoT capabilities. More...

IoT Newsflash 05/2018

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr


The fifth Internet of Things (IoT) newsflash covers recent news affecting the IoT industry, collecting updates from IoT@CEBIT 2018, Windows 10 IoT security, IoT packages from Deutsche Telekom, Rockwell automation and its $1bn IIoT investment in PTC as well as results from the Ericsson Mobility Report 2018. More...

IoT meets Blockchain: A perfect match

From Claudia Stapp


The IoT practice of Deloitte Germany and the Deloitte Blockchain Institute collaborated with the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) to develop a new showcase, bringing both IoT and Blockchain closer together. More...

IoT Newsflash 04/2018

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr


The fourth IoT newsflash covers recent news affecting the IoT market, including Android Things, Microsoft´s IoT and edge-computing tools and technologies, The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd. (SMMT), Nokias purchase of SpaceTime Insight as well as the impact of the Blockchain technology on IoT. More...

Digital Factory Use Case Training

From Julia Kluger


The ongoing digitalization in manufacturing demands continuous adaptions by companies to deal with complexity, to optimize processes and therefore generate added value. Use case trainings help to identify how digitalization can lead to reduced supply chain errors and to increased efficiency. More...

IoT Newsflash 03/2018

From David Haslach


The third part of the IoT Newsflash series illuminates the possibilities of IoT in the healthcare industry and thereby provides an overview over the most recent publications of renowned research institutes. More...

Introducing the Deloitte IoT Dash Button

From Thiemo Eberle & David Kleinmann


Have you ever felt the need to contact someone quickly but writing an email or even picking up a phone was to elaborate? Deloitte is here to help you at the push of a single button. More...


The Future of Connectivity in IoT

From Florian Berg & Kaja Andritzke


When it comes to designing an IoT ecosystem, choosing the underlying connectivity solution responsible for the data transfer between sensors and applications is essential. With more and more connected devices, the amount of data generated increases accordingly, which in turn means that a staggering amount of data needs to be transferred to the relevant backend. More...

IoT Newsflash 02/2018

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr


The second Deloitte IoT Newsflash covers relevant news affecting the IoT market, covering Google and their purchase of Xively, the “Charter of Trust”, Qualcomm Wireless Edge Services for IoT as well as Bosch and their new IoT campus in Berlin. More...

Scaling IoT on a Global Level – Our approach

From Jan-Hendrik Adolphs, Tobias Pascal Hess & Dr. Konstantin Dörr


When it comes to developing IoT solutions from the very first idea to a global rollout, Deloitte faces its clients multiple challenges in three phases: Identify – Implement – Operate. In the video below, Deloitte illustrates how to scale IoT on a global level. More...

Introducing the IoT Newsflash 

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr


As the development of the IoT is happening at a breathtaking pace, and IoT is the source of many promising business opportunities, the IoT Newsflash series accompanies this evolution by providing, summarizing and discussing selected insights on IoT up-to-date and across different industries. We show that IoT is more than just a network that connects physical objects and is instead affecting our personal lives more than we can imagine. More...

The Digital Factory: A place where Lean meets IoT

From David Haslach & Sebastian Scherer


Present day’s lean manufacturing systems illustrated that the effect of increas-ing invests in lean measures is vanishingly small due to increased complexity. To provide practical experience on how manufacturers can overcome this “com-plexity barrier" by benefiting from IoT in a daily business, Deloitte’s Digital Factory has elaborated a corresponding lean manufacturing use case. More...

IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

From Dr. Konstantin Dörr & Tobias Pascal Hess


With more than 13.000 visitors this year, the third edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) in Barcelona is the world’s leading Industry IoT congress today. The IoT Germany Focus Team was able to raise the awareness of Deloitte Germany’s IoT capacity as well as to strengthen its international IoT ecosystem. More...

Welcome to the Deloitte IoT Blog

From Kaja Andritzke


We as the IoT practice of Deloitte Germany are delighted to introduce our new blog today. As part of the global IoT initiative at Deloitte, the German practice drives business-value focused IoT solutions from the very first idea to the global operation. We offer detailed insights into the possibilities and sustainable value of IoT solutions and develop custom strategies across industries. More...