From data into valuable actions: IoT orchestration with ServiceNow

Enterprise Service Management automation will enable you to benefit from IoT

With an increasing number of data and devices, the major question arises of how they and the service ecosystem can be managed in a more autonomous way. Automation of the device management and related IoT services translates these insights into valuable actions for your business. The goal of focusing on automation is to reach cost reduction and create new business models. Learn how our proof of concept for IoT predictive maintenance with ServiceNow helps your organization leverage your IoT insights.

The increasing number of Internet of Things devices demands for a central approach of managing complex systems with a large number of services and things. This management of IoT devices and services, management of workflows and capabilities as well as automated reactions to incidents and events, are key aspects provided by ServiceNow.

The goal of implementing ServiceNow as an IoT solution is to take a long-term view and to enable your business with the necessary tools to manage the complexity of IoT systems, things, and related services. Having a robot broadcasting data sets the basis for starting a process, which is simplified by ServiceNow as implemented in our PoC: the data is analyzed and appropriate actions are derived from the analysis, which are accomplished by technicians with necessary skills and proximity. All done without unnecessary, time consuming, time-lagging, manual work.

As a tool for Asset & Configuration Management, Service & Issue Management, and Discovery & Orchestration, ServiceNow offers reduction of downtimes, automation of (production) processes, and increase in up-times and utilization for predictive maintenance - in particular service requests and automation in the cloud. The whole end-to-end process is scalable and can be applied from one machinery to a globally distributed network of plants.

Automation is simply necessary for the next step in the IoT implementation efficiency and Deloitte ServiceNow team has the tools to help you transform your business into a highly automated and efficient one. We support you from the first idea of bringing IoT and automation into your organization to the management and continuous improvement of your IoT and ServiceNow solution.

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Understand how to leverage your analytics capabilities to automate workflows in ServiceNow - we help you identify value generating use cases based on your needs to bring IoT data into your business processes. Contact us to optimize your IoT activities to gain transparency and automation of your processes in order to become more competitive in a global and fast-changing market.

Why Deloitte?

We offer a unique combination of IoT knowledge and ServiceNow experts, who are experienced with the implementation of ServiceNow and IoT solutions. Our offer covers the whole process from ideation to improving your individual application, which is tailored to your needs. ServiceNow enables the automation of relevant IoT-related processes and we have the specific knowledge, represented by our global network of Deloitte experts. With our Digital Factory in Düsseldorf, we also provide an innovative environment to discuss IoT and ServiceNow based on concrete examples and to jointly develop individual solutions. We transfer your business into the future with the right team and tools.

IoT technologies will disrupt the way traditional organizations do business, service provisioning and production. Dealing with these technologies requires innovative solutions for the efficient management of services, increased production uptimes and elastic throughput.