Digital Customer Solutions


Digital Customer Solutions

More customer proximity for sales, marketing and service

Design an overall digital architecture for customer engagement and deliver flexible and scalable digital platforms with focus on sales, marketing and service.

Approach & Emerging Solutions

Enjoy your meal

Oracle, Salesforce, SAP – what to choose? Are you sure you want the support in sales, not in service? And what are the customized plug-ins on top? The menu of professional applications that helps to operate and communicate in a smart way is admittedly detailed. How would it be to lean back? To have someone who listens. To what you need. Where you struggle. To have someone in front of you who puts his passion and experience at your disposal to make the right choice. Right, because somebody discussed the needs with all the departments involved and analyzed your customer requirements.

Who knows about ready-for-use solutions and plug-ins that already exist for your industry? And who can tell you about the return on investment for a customized solution? Not to mention that their colleagues at Deloitte Digital can also implement it as they have already done for clients with a similar IT environment to yours. The only complicated thing about these people is their designation: DCS Approach and Emerging Solutions & Oracle CX.

Our solutions leverage the interaction with customers by being more efficient and having the right information available as of need.


  • Process Models (Marketing, CRM, Sales & Service)
  • Fit-Gap Analysis & Digital Customer Platform Evaluation
  • Roadmap & Transformation Design
  • Strategy, Design & Implementation for emerging Solutions
  • Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, Design & Implementation



The friendly giant

No doubt, Salesforce is an IT giant with market leading position in Sales, Service and Marketing applications. But there are still many uncertainties for a company’s first-time implementation or large transformation projects. The Salesforce team at Deloitte Digital solves these challenges every day, is ready to listen and to help. Being part of 4,400 Salesforce practitioners at Deloitte worldwide who customize and implement Salesforce applications in 30 countries, they get the maximum out of this network for their clients.

We source templates, ready-made interfaces and pre-configured industry solutions from our best practices. So that the clients get the latest cloud-based solutions. The result: optimized customer relationships, more effective sales processes, and state-of-the-art service and marketing technologies. When they experience this for the first time, clients often turn into Salesforce advocates. Well, that’s the secret about Salesforce... it enables its clients to become giants, too.

Quality and satisfied customers are our top priority. And our strong growth has proved us right.


  • Salesforce Innovation, Ideation and Prototyping
  • Strategy, Design & Implementation for holistic Omni-Channel Customer Engagement


SAP hybris C4C

Without the head for it and the love of it you'll be lost in the complex IT infrastructure. There is talk of customizing and implementing cloud based SAP Hybris for international concerns. This software, connecting sales forces and clients, can streamline business processes, optimize efficiency and transparency across sales units, to attain a consistent customer experience. Deloitte Digital's technology experts are passionate about creating awesome digital experiences based on SAP Hybris.

The SAP Hybris Sales & Service team takes a deep dive into the client’s IT landscape and requirements, quantifying external costs and defining user stories. This facilitates a joint evaluation with the client on the investment viability. If it is, they transpose the insights gained into a rollout and change management plan – using agile methods for a clearly communicated modular and flexible project delivery. Because after all, this is the key to achieving our main aim: satisfying customers.

We extend our perspective from a narrow C4C scope towards overarching cloud integration scenarios while leveraging our access to 7,700 SAP practitioners in 35 countries that served over 2,550 clients.


  • SAP Hybris Sales Cloud / Service Cloud (C4C)
  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning for Customer (ML4C)
  • SAP S/4HANA for Customer Management
  • SAP Shared Service Framework (SSF)
  • SAP CRM Strategy, Design & Implementation

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