Brand and Experience Design


Brand & Experience Design

Digital advantage by redesigning the customer experience

Create the best in class seamless and authentic brand experiences across all business functions and on every channel.


Everything is branding

That good feeling when something works well: a smooth online booking process, a revealing chat with the help desk, the intuitive organization of a website. „A brand is accumulated moments of truth“, is the credo of the Digital Brand team of Deloitte Digital. With long experience in digital agencies they have a passion for unfolding a brand‘s power. „We understand that only a consistent brand experience creates loyal customers.“ They bring this symbiotic orientation into every project, developing with the client brand experiences that are as attractive and tangible as possible.

And don’t they need a touch of genius? Just a bit perhaps, but the crucial takeaways come from listening to customers. For this, our teams work with human centered design methods, such as Design Thinking or Service Design. Data driven KPIs provide the counterbalance, measuring how the brand power squares up to the competition – once you get that everything is branding, using data in a smart way simply falls into place.

Projects that push the digital transformation of a client also have a big impact on the brand core of the client. We are making our clients futureproof not only from a technological standpoint, but also from a brand perspective.


  • Digital Brand Experience & Positioning
  • Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Monitoring & Engagement Strategy
  • Creative Services & Design Digitalization


Experience Design & Mobile

We leverage business with design based on experiences.

Experience Design is a key success factor of every digital strategy. We provide design and development services from strategy to implementation across different channels and touchpoints to create compelling user-centric experiences.

We are a creative team of awarded leaders in the fields of Experience Design, Frontend Development and Mobile with a sense for business creativity and user centered doing. Our team setup follows a consequent cross-functional approach of Experience Design & Development to bring the best possible solutions to life.

We have extensive expertise and proven methods in building digital experiences: applying our customer-centric mindset to design products and services that really create business value.

We are the partner of choice when it comes to helping our customers work the way they live in a digital world. Sharing information. Accelerating ideas. Connecting people, inventory, supply chains and customers, using innovative ideas for digital experiences that make the difference.

The leader in enterprise digital transformation - pairing creative thinking with industry experts, designers, developers, architects and business leaders - here for you to reimagine the way you work. Always with the user at the center of it all.

The first thing we ask is: what does the customer want to feel? Then we begin to craft around this intention. That is how we bring experiences to life.


  • Experience Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Interaction Design
  • Experience Architecture
  • Experience Development
  • Integration


ACNE / Content Production

Telling Stories to build brands

We are a creative collective that tells stories to build brands in a digital age. We integrate strategy, creation and production under one roof from global marketing to everyday content.

Acne is a world renowned, multi-disciplinary collective where art and industry meet.

Formed in 1996 our toolbox consists of creative, strategy, film and content production, digital production, photography, illustration, design, branding, R&D, mobile gaming, digital installations, and social media content. As separate entities or integrated in any combination necessary.

A creative collective with integrated production.

We have a world-leading roster of Directors, Photographers, Illustrators, Designers and Animators who work closely with our outstanding team of Producers and Technologists to create Industry leading, award winning work across a wide and diverse variety of media platforms.

We have fully functioning production offices in Stockholm, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam with production capabilities and expert partners and contacts in every country across the globe.

We like to work collaboratively alongside our clients and endeavour to assign a relevant, dedicated team to every brief at an early stage in order to maximize the impact of the output and to create the most efficient and streamlined production process.

We are collaborative and entrepreneurial with an ambition to create our own brands and products as well as working with other agencies and brands. This has resulted in some successful businesses such as Acne Studios (fashion), Acne JR (toys) and Acne Paper (Magazine).


  • Film and Content Production
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Design, Product Design
  • R & D
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Digital Installations
  • Interactive Work
  • VR, AR
  • Social Media Content (Creation & Production)

Click here for the Acne Showreel.


Design Studios

Creativity as a guide through the flood of information

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of communication, from analyzing problems and generating ideas to finalizing the creative product. Exceptional creative talents and strategy consultants work together in our team for your projects. Our hybrid business model combines consultancy and agency, offering many advantages.

  • Excellent understanding of complex economic and technological subject areas
  • Consulting, communication, and design from a single source and without friction losses
  • Flexibility and agile working methods, tailored to rapid project life cycles

We recommend integrating campaign planning with an agile strategy, analysis and implementation phase so that your story is met with open ears. We place people and their needs at the center of our considerations. This creates the ideal basis for marketing your messages within communication and beyond.

It takes a little more to turn employees into allies and customers into fans.

Our service portfolio

The choice is yours! We can help you find the best option.

  • Campaign, conception and storytelling
  • Graphic design & illustration
  • Motion design & video
  • Game design
  • Print

And action!

A reel is worth more than a thousand words. Have a look at our projects, our way of working and our team.

Design Studios Showreel 2017

Deloitte Design Studios - Who we are

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