Digital Customer Strategy


Digital Customer Strategy

We unite a strategic digital mindset with staggering analytical skills, induced by agile and innovative service design to derive unique customer insights.

Derive unique insights from complex data to optimize your strategic decision making and create a uniquely personalized customer experience.

Customer Strategy

Strategy kick off

Coming from various industries and academic backgrounds, there is one thing our strategists strive for: Bringing digital strategies to life. Make them take off, so customers have a good reason to come and stay, and companies have a tangible business case. People in our team who choose this turf are our Digital Customer Strategy experts. Our teams translate client strategy into a bold vision for their digital journey; defining operational pillars and needed skills to shape the future of business.

The question at the heart of everything is: What will delight the customer? How can the client navigate through today’s digital and disruptive ecosystem that defines our modern industries and marketplaces? How can strategic differentiation realize a desired outcome? Knowing and excelling at key business factors, our teams always keep technology in mind and bring the digital strategy alive in strong collaboration with the implementation teams of Deloitte Digital. The last step is to analyze the results, validate the viability of the business case and finally clink glasses after a successful go-live.

We not only create strategies, but also know how to bring them to life.


  • Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention
  • Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Organizational Design (Marketing, CRM, Sales & Service)


Customer Analytics

Creating impactful experiences

The future of customer experience is shaped by customer insights. The Deloitte Digital Customer Analytics Team supports the transformation of your business into an insight-driven organization that is able to bring customer experience to perfection. Based on extracted customer insights, Deloitte Digital enhances decision-making processes and develops business-driven use cases to support your business in creating an unchallenged value add to your customer.
Our data savvy experts' use of advanced analytics, state-of-the-art visualization tools, creative ideation methods and agile approaches facilitates the successful execution of product development, marketing, sales and services optimizations.

To tackle even the most complex challenges, the Deloitte Global Analytics Network provides you with a vast pool of resources all over the world.

Our team of dedicated researchers, analysts and consultants work together with you to generate meaningful insights to beat your competition.


  • Analytics-enabled Personalized Customer Experience
  • Insight-driven Decision-Making
  • Customer Insight Deep Dives
  • Analytics Business & Benefit Cases
  • Roadmaps
  • Dashboards


Service Design and Innovation

To score a new hit

Accelerator, Innovation Lab, Agile... In the last few years enterprises have implemented innovation departments, agile methods and tools because they recognized the importance of internal innovation and digital practices. Recent studies show that these measures frequently resulted in the opposite - silos and cultural erosion, a typical starting point for a Service Design & Innovation Team assignment. “We practice Service Design to create relevant value propositions and service eco-systems, orchestrating back-end processes, technologies and customer interactions to co-create value for all relevant stakeholders. We take a holistic approach that includes the cultural aspect of innovation”.

The Service Design & Innovation Team understands challenges, identifies drivers and removes barriers to align on business goals. Only then can an agile mindset can be established to build innovative services and products in collaboration with business operations. Ethnographic research and prototypes thereby provide guidance for an adaptive experience strategy. Lastly, connecting knowledge, behavior and new processes to the core business so that clients are enabled to act independently and adapt the methods and tools in their everyday life. Innovative? Check.

Our Digital Delivery Engine enables clients to deliver digital innovation and services, closing the gap between ideation and development to continuously bring ideas to life.


  • Innovation & Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Product & Solution Strategy

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