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The Deloitte Business Analyst Network

Part-time students, part-time consultants.

Learning agility, joined forces and a huge eagerness to try out every bit of life as a management consultant define the Deloitte Business Analyst Network. With great optimism and drive, Deloitte’s business analysts share knowledge, connect, support each other and reflect in a common reality.

As a business analyst, you are employed in a student position, but despite the fact that you have to find a balance between work and studies, there is no difference from a graduate position. You will get the opportunity to be involved in interesting internal projects and client projects, get a lot of responsibility and gain plenty of knowledge every day. In other words, you get a unique chance to get a real glimpse of the life as a management consultant.

Last but not least, you are invited to join the Business Analyst Network – a cross-service line network in Deloitte Consulting, which will become an anchor in your everyday life. Curious? Then read along as we have asked four business analysts to describe their personal perspectives on the character and value of the network.

Mie Bohn Trankjær

A business analyst is ambitious, outgoing, shows great commitment, seeks challenges, is grounded and pursues knowledge. We have a solutions-oriented culture, and we are never afraid to try something new. Our motto could be just like the one of Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstockings: "I never tried that before – so I’m sure I can manage." We believe in ourselves, even though we know that we still have so much to learn. We love working in teams and with new tasks. Moreover, we have a great spirit of unity and a lot of fun together.

Katrine List Storgaard

The ambition is that all business analysts are offered a full-time contract when they have finished their studies. To accomplish that, it is necessary for us to develop – to build a solid toolbox and network to become a success in a professional environment. The network offers you a place to do just that. You meet many other business analysts with skills in other areas, and the network offers you inspirational talks from our leaders and fun social activities that bring you close to your colleagues. Not only does the network bring a professional sense of belonging in an ever-changing environment, but also a room for friendships to evolve.

Anne Hornshøj Reuther

We are aiming high regarding educational as well as social events, and the network has become a strong learning environment and personal space for us. I feel proud of being part of running this network, as the way we include new colleagues in Deloitte and help them evolve is truly everyday impact to me.

Nikolaj Hartmann Pedersen

As a business analyst, you also get to work on client projects, but though our studies always come first, it can sometimes be difficult to balance work and studies as you get so many interesting opportunities. However, I can always reach out if I need a piece of advice, and my fellow business analysts are always truly interested in sharing perspectives or experiences to help. Despite our ambitious culture, there is no competition among us – only support and happiness about shared as well as individual successes.

Are you eager to join the powers of Deloitte?

Then send your application rather today than tomorrow and seize the opportunity to become a business analyst – part-time student, part-time consultant, full-time dedicated.

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