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The Deloitte Consulting Associate Analyst Network

Part-time students, part-time consultants.

Learning agility, joined forces and a huge eagerness to try out every bit of life as a management consultant define the Deloitte Associate Analyst Network. With great optimism and drive, Deloitte’s associate analysts share knowledge, connect, support each other and reflect in a common reality.

As a associate analyst, you are employed in a student position, but despite the fact that you have to find a balance between work and studies, there is no difference from a graduate position. You will get the opportunity to be involved in interesting internal projects and client projects, get a lot of responsibility and gain plenty of knowledge every day. In other words, you get a unique chance to get a real glimpse of the life as a management consultant.

Last but not least, you are invited to join the associate analyst Network – a cross-service line network in Deloitte Consulting, which will become an anchor in your everyday life. Curious? Then read along as we have asked four associate analysts to describe their personal perspectives on the character and value of the network.

Oliver Glud Ludvigsen

As a associate analyst, you get the opportunity to explore different methods, projects, tasks, and lots of other stuff during your studies which makes the transition to a consultant much easier. It is truly a flexible role where you can plan your own work week and make an impact early in your career. You get to work with senior colleagues that will ensure a steep learning curve and with young colleagues facing the same challenges as you. Not to forget the associate analyst Network, which is an opportunity to expand your internal network with other ambitious students at several informal social gatherings.

Jackie Hwang

Being a Associate Analyst is a great opportunity to get an introduction to Deloitte: you can work on a client project with various tasks, meet the members of the offering you work in and start to establish your network, and help with the development of other material, such as learning and research. While there is a learning curve, being an AA at Deloitte is still very flexible: your team will work with you to prioritize your studies and see where you best fit in to help with the work. Aside from work, it is also a lot of fun as you get to be a part of social events with your team, the larger Deloitte Consulting community, and other students who also work at Deloitte! 

Malou Josephine Bruun

The AA network is a professional and social platform that brings Associate Analyst together across offerings. We aim to inspire, evolve, and educate through social and educational events. The network offers a space to connect with other AA’s while building a solid toolbox to become a success in a professional environment. Not only does the network bring a professional sense of belonging in an ever-changing environment, but also a room for friendships to grow across service lines. 

Mads Gøttrup Bagge

The learning curve as an AA in Deloitte is steep and both the social and professional part of the job is immensely rewarding. I often find that my AA position provides me with just as much value as my studies and even though balancing it can sometimes be a task, it is worth it. Studies are always considered priority one in Deloitte. It is therefore up to the individual AA to set his or her own limits. This is where having the AA community and having your own designated Talent Manager (TM) comes in handy. Here you get unlimited sparring with other students who are in the same situation as you and your TM, who has been in the same position a phew years before.

Are you eager to join the powers of Deloitte?

Then send your application today rather than tomorrow and seize the opportunity to become a associate analyst – part-time student, part-time consultant, full-time dedicated.

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