In Deloitte, we strive to achieve diversity of thought. We believe that diverse groups deliver stronger and more innovative solutions to our clients. We want all talents to feel welcome, appreciated, and included in our professional and social communities across Deloitte. Furthermore, we want to reflect the society we are part of and the clients we serve, which means we work to reach a more balanced composition of people in terms of demographic factors, life context, and physical and mental differences. Thus, our efforts to achieve respect and inclusion in Deloitte are aimed at strengthening diversity of thought in our everyday work and creating an inclusive workplace free of harassment, sexism, and discrimination, and where each person is treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

For our people to succeed and thrive in their work, we focus on building a culture of respect and inclusion. A culture where we are aware of visible differences, invisible differences, and diversity of thought, and which reflects our shared values. We want to create a workplace where people can be themselves without being uncomfortable with sharing their background, thoughts, or ideas for the future. To unleash the potential of each talent on our team, we work hard and educate our people to eliminate biases and change our processes to foster a more diverse workforce. This is crucial to secure our future relevance and success.

Are you curious about specific initiatives related to our diversity and inclusion agenda? – be inspired below:

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