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To navigate the future with confidence, organizations need to make the right choices: clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world. Monitor Deloitte’s strategy practitioners combine deep industry insights with cutting edge methods to help leaders resolve their most critical decisions, drive value, and achieve transformational success.


We work with chief executives and their teams to catalyze enterprise wide, strategy-led transformation to realize full business value, leveraging deep perspectives about customers, technology evolution and disruption, sector-blurring ecosystems, and changing sources of competitive advantage.

We work alongside clients to create effective corporate and business unit strategies and secure alignment across the enterprise. When senior executives face conflicting mandates of developing long-term strategies while delivering short-term results, we work together to design and deliver integrated and accelerated growth programs in their enterprises. As a recognized leader in innovation strategy, we help companies seize new growth opportunities by building, and launching, new offerings and businesses.

We show senior executives how to take an enterprise approach to digital strategy so it becomes integral to their overarching business strategy. We also work closely with executives to identify, prioritize, and design business capabilities that enable transformation and realize value. Targeted pricing strategies and initiatives can drive substantial revenue and margin growth. And our cost reduction specialists leverage powerful tools, assets, and industry knowledge, to identify and realize sustainable margin improvement.

Leveraging a combination of scenario development, trends sensing tools and assets, and insight services, we help executives make sense of a noisy and confusing world to anticipate changes and inform new opportunities. We’ve also seen and helped to influence the evolution of the chief strategy officer’s role and have the perspective to help ensure the role creates lasting impact.


Clear choices and precise execution are of great importance in an ever-changing world. Whether it is about finding new ways to grow, delivering the newest innovation or maximising long-term return of the existing business, it is our clients’ quick and safe manoeuvring through a lot of choices – and rejections – that defines whether they are successful or not. Being a confirmed leader on growth requires a dynamic and engaged team of consultants with high passion for business, analytical excellence and not least good energy. Monitor Deloitte consultants are defined by a trademark combination of high intellectual capacity and creativity. If you want to help companies grow through innovation – you should consider joining us.


Titles are not what drives our daily collaboration – we believe in situational rather than formal hierarchies and we believe that the ability to be generous with our individual knowledge and to share it with others is what creates new perspectives. We Work closely in teams and you will learn from many different colleagues depending on your current project assignment.


Adam Norsker

Alexander F. Nathan

Alexander Rosenberg

Alfred Bukh Johannesen

Astrid Kristensen

Axel Urde

Benjamin Philip Bojer

Cecilie Klokmose

Daniel Gjaldbæk Kristensen

Dominika Mikkelsen

Edoardo Braccini

Frederik Gorm Madsen

Frederikke Saust

Henrik Bredahl Kock

Jacob Ross Stenger

Jan Auerbach

Jens Rommer

Joachim Fürst

Joakim Lassen

Julie Hollænder

Laura Annchristin Möller

Mads Albertsen

Mads Gøttrup Bagge

Mads Østergaard

Maibritt Harritz Grosen

Marcus Antonio Frigaard Nyhjem

Maria Christensen

Martina Rampazzo

Michael Røjel Smitt

Mikkel Boe

Nathalie B. Danielsen

Nicolai Mossing Madsen

Oscar Holm Nørgaard

Paul Horsmans

Rakel G. Óladóttir

Rasmus Bruun Jørgensen

Rikke Bang Helvind

Rikke Stener Jørgensen

Sebastian Andersen

Simon Hein Frederiksen

Thorbjørn Baird


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Frederikke Saust

Senior Manager | Strategy & Business Design

Alexander Rosenberg

Manager | Mergers & Acquisitions

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