SDG Accelerator for SMEs        

Using challenge-based innovation to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals


About the SDG Accelerator programme

The SDG Accelerator is an innovation programme launched by the UNDP in 2018 demonstrating how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can use business innovation to deliver solutions to the goals.

The SDG Accelerator programme is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and runs in Denmark in 2018 and 2019 with 30 Danish small and medium-sized industrial companies, after which the aim is to roll out across the Nordics and globally. Deloitte is the facilitating partner and has developed the process and methodology together with the UNDP.

SDG innovation process
In the programme, the companies work with Deloitte, UNDP and outside experts to identify and accelerate specific business solutions that hold strong commercial potential and significant impact on the SDGs.

Outcomes of the innovation process includes:

  • Development of one or more concrete solutions
  • Experience with driving a structured innovation process thatcan be copied to other parts of the business
  • Implementation of a business-driven approach to sustainability
  • A strong branding platform

Read more about the many solutions developed through the SDG Accelerator here.

Explore our SDG cases below

Explore more SDG Case studies

Case: Ingemann

Software can anticipate climate change

Case: DESMI EnviRo-Clean

We are targeting the most polluted rivers in the world

Case: TripleNine

Clams may turn out to be an important contribution to the pantry of the world

Explore more SDG Case studies

Case: Aller Aqua

We can make a huge difference for the local fish farms

Case: Angulus

Children's shoes should be bought on a subscription plan

Case: Bluetown

Delivering internet connection where no one else can

Explore more SDG Case studies

Case: Brunata

There is a huge energy loss in the district heating network

Case: Jespers Torvekøkken

Data is the strongest weapon in the fight against food waste

Case: E.ON

We are saying goodbye to fossil fuels

Explore more SDG Case studies

Case: Palsgaard

Packaging innovation
reduces food waste

Case: RGS Nordic

The potential for making transport more efficient is enormous

Case: Plastix

The world has a plastic problem - Plastix has a solution

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