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Scandinavian Desk 

Due to their low government deficit, reliable political stability and their strong export-oriented economy, Scandinavian countries are interesting and aspiring business partners for Germany. Particularly the information technology sector is driving this development. However, other industries and natural resources are important business factors for Scandinavia as well. Another highly interesting sector for Scandinavian investors is the real estate market in Germany. Due to the close business relationship between the Scandinavian countries and Germany, competent (legal) advice regarding cooperation and business investments in both directions is crucial.

Negotiations and contract drafting require a profound knowledge of the similarities and also of the differences between the legal systems and business cultures.

Therefore, our Scandinavian Desk consists of experts with comprehensive experience and extensive contacts in countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic States who will support and advise you in all issues related to Scandinavia. Our Scandinavian Desk offers you consultancy in all legal areas and in any of our seven offices throughout Germany.

We have excellent relations with our Scandinavian strategic partners and thus are able to offer efficient top level advice and consultancy even in complicated cross-border matters. On an international level, we have access to more than 2,500 legal professionals of the Deloitte Legal network in more than 80 countries. With our network of cooperating law firms we can offer services in numerous additional countries globally.

One-Stop Shopping with Deloitte – we offer our Scandinavian clients comprehensive one-stop advice. In addition to legal services this comprises Tax, Corporate Finance, M&A Transaction Services and Consulting. Upon request, we are happy to involve the respective German, Scandinavian and international experts and work together in an interdisciplinary team. 

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