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Dawn Raid Services

Preparation & First Aid in the event of Official Investigations

Each company can be the subject of official investigations – often entirely unexpected and partly without the company‘s fault. Therefore, it is even more important to be well-prepared in case of an inspection without prior notice.

We do not only provide excellent preparation for a potential search or raid situations, but also offer interdisciplinary coordination of the crisis situation from a single source.

By developing guidelines and recommendations for action and offering training programs, we help companies and their employees to prepare for potential searches and seizures.

In the event of a search or seizure we protect the legal interests of the affected companies and their personnel, in particular by ensuring an orderly process via our legal as well as IT experts. Where required, we initiate ad hoc measures to prevent a reoccurrence, while at the same time coordinating the efforts of the affected company’s employees and its advisors and the (external) communication with responsible authorities.

In addition, our advisory portfolio re „Dawn Raid Services“ comprises the following areas:

  • Cooperation with investigating authorities – in particular prosecutors
  • Support in dawn raid situations
  • IT-based review of investigation files and evaluation of investigation results
  • Training of employees regarding appropriate conduct
  • Safeguarding the rights of suspected or accused persons or entities
  • Consideration of the limitations of permitted range of seizures

Your Contact: Felix Skala
Your Contact: Felix Skala
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