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Advice on financial products and services

The Deloitte Legal Banking & Finance team has many years of experience and in-depth market and legal knowledge of the entire range of products offered by the banking industry, including the regulatory framework, particularly in the area of financing products.

We advise banks and leasing companies, companies as borrowers, and intermediaries, in particular funding platforms, on all financing transactions. With our expertise, we cover the entire range of finance products, e.g., retail loans and consumer finance, bilateral and syndicated corporate loans, real estate loans, and capital market products, and this for the entire value chain, from origination and documentation, including collateral agreements, to restructuring, recovery and insolvency, including all regulatory aspects such as licensing requirements, creditworthiness assessment or risk weighting and legal opinions.

Deloitte Legal's legal services on financing products include advice in the following areas, among others:

  • Consumer finance (contract documentation including collateral agreements, compliance of operational processes, e.g., pre-contractual information, withdrawal, and recovery and regulatory issues), in particular also for all forms of car financing.
  • Corporate lending (contract documentation, collateral agreements, restructuring, insolvency, regulatory issues), also in private equity/M&A transactions
  • German aspects of international financing structures (in particular collateral packages, up-stream securities of German group companies, letters of comfort, guarantees and sureties - including legal opinions)
  • ESG aspects of financing (green loans, etc.)
  • Leasing and refinancing of leasing companies
  • Arts financing
  • Real estate financing (commercial real estate and consumer loans, e.g., residential mortgage loans)
  • Financing via funding platforms (design of financing instruments, e.g., subordinated loans)
  • Regulatory aspects of financing (licensing requirement, licensing procedure, creditworthiness assessment, risk weighting, CRR opinions, etc.).
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