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Outsourcing and Re­struc­turing of Business Functions

Today's globalized economy has opened up new opportunities for businesses looking to find cost savings through progressive sourcing arrangements.

Centralization of business functions that take advantage of economies of scale, offshoring or outsourcing work to low cost providers and co-sourcing are common practices.

Deloitte Legal assists companies with an array of sourcing arrangements and covers technology infrastructure and support, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Our approach is to focus first on the commercial objectives of the business. We help companies establish the flexible working relationships and effective contracts needed to be competitive in today's market. We support businesses at any stage of the lifecycle including:

  • Negotiation of new contracts
  • Re-evaluation and renegotiation of current outsourcing arrangements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Development of a negotiation and litigation strategy
  • Mediation, arbitration and court proceedings
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