Dr. Konstadinos Massuras



Dr. Konstadinos Massuras

Aegidientorplatz 2a

30159 Hannover


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Dr. Konstadinos (Kostas) Massuras specializes in the areas of corporate law, M&A and restructuring (bankruptcy and restructuring). He advises firms in corporate matters, acquisition financing and insolvency-related matters including restructuring. He also deals with issues in the area of corporate compliance as well as in arbitration proceedings.

Kostas studied law at the Universities of Thessaloniki (GR) and Hanover. After working as a research assistant at the University of Hanover and for two other well-known law firms in Hanover he joined Deloitte Legal in 2011. Since 2007 he is specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law. He is a member of i.a. the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS), the Hamburg Arbitration Circle (HAC), the Association of Commercial and Corporate Law and the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring of the German Bar Association as well as of the Corporate Law Association (VGR). Kostas speaks German, Greek and English.

Office: Hanover 

Dr. Konstadinos Massuras