Pia Windoffer, LL.M. (Leuven)

Regulatory & Compliance

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Pia Windoffer, LL.M. (Leuven)

Aegidientorplatz 2 a

30159 Hannover


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Pia Windoffer joined Deloitte Legal in January 2022 as Of Counsel for compliance consulting for small and medium-sized companies.

Prior to joining Deloitte Legal, Pia Windoffer spent over 20 years in international companies in the consumer electronics and tourism industries as well as banks, mainly in a leading position, where she was responsible for setting up compliance management systems. She brings extensive expertise in antitrust law, anti-corruption law, trade sanctions, money laundering and data protection and has successfully implemented codes of conduct, whistleblower systems, risk analyses, corporate policies and compliance training worldwide.

Pia Windoffer studied law in Münster, Lausanne, Heidelberg and Leuven and was admitted to the bar in 1998. She is also a certified business trainer, coach and change management consultant according to ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Pia Windoffer speaks German, English, Spanish and French.

Pia Windoffer, LL.M. (Leuven)