Sandra Höfer-Grosjean

Legal Management Consulting Tax Controversy


Sandra Höfer-Grosjean

Schwannstraße 6

40476 Düsseldorf


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Sandra Höfer-Grosjean joined Deloitte Legal in March 2018. She advises national and international clients, in particular companies, on all aspects of criminal tax law as well as procedural tax law and also in all cases related to the consistent implementation of tax requirements, respectively the implementation of tax compliance structures.

She has nine years work experience in the criminal tax law and tax fraud investigation department with the tax authorities Wuppertal - most recently as provisional head of department. She has expert knowledge in various areas of criminal tax law, in particular regarding fines against organizations. She trained tax authorities and prosecution departments throughout Germany. She monitored a variety of complex cases in cooperation with the competent authorities for major and group-audits. She also led investigations against national and international financial institutions and corporations. Her main focus were Cum/Ex- and Offshore-structures, charges regarding the intent of facilitating tax evasion, criminal offenses or neglected obligatory supervision of the management as well as the founding of Offshore-companies. She took responsibility for the acquisition of the so called “Tax-CDs”.

Sandra is lawyer and tax consultant. She speaks German and English.

Sandra Höfer-Grosjean