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Putting a global tech leader's sales on track

Helping a client's lifeblood flow

The world's most advanced and celebrated clients have countless needs that can be more efficiently addressed by Deloitte's world-class solutions.

Internet sites have a number of revenue models, but few are as successful as traditional advertising sales. The need to attract, manage, and satisfy advertisers is as important to the success of a large social media company as it is to small-town newspapers.

What is often more difficult for new media—especially popular sites with millions of users—is effectively tracking and leveraging global efforts to lure large numbers of potential clients. Simple spreadsheets won't suffice. This was the case for one company best known for its innovative technology.

Strategically placed ads that appear based on key search words are a key source of the company’s revenue. So, when it needed help monitoring the effectiveness of its advertising service's campaigns and promotions, the company turned to Deloitte UK.

Clarity enables improvement

"It's vital that our client is able to accurately track sales calls and monitor the success of its campaigns and promotions via incoming call volumes and advertiser acquisitions," explains Nick Turner, Partner, Deloitte Digital (Deloitte UK). "However, in its EMEA region, there was a significant variance in the completeness of this information across geographies and a lack of a common denominator across systems to track call conversion rates."

In late 2013, the tech company engaged Deloitte UK to consolidate inconsistently compiled data, determine how that information was being used by the EMEA marketing teams, and implement an improved lead-tracking solution. "By providing a clear picture of how its information is being used and creating consistency in lead source tracking across systems, the client now has an enhanced view of campaign success and channel revenue generation," Turner explains. "This will allow them to make further improvements to their marketing effectiveness, reporting systems and processes on a global scale."

Following successful implementation of the solution in EMEA, the client extended Deloitte UK’s engagement to roll out the new ways of working on a global basis to North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

"No matter how technologically sophisticated or successful a company is, it still has a multitude of needs that can be more efficiently addressed by a provider like Deloitte," Turner says. "Problems they find challenging or unusual often are similar to problems we've already solved for other Fortune Global 500® clients. We bring talent and skills to the table that would be far too expensive and time-consuming to replicate internally."

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Putting a global tech leader's sales on track

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