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The economic impact of Opera, a European worth

The report portrays the results of the study The Economic Impact of Opera, carried out by Deloitte in collaboration with Opera Europa. The objective of such objective was to measure and quantify the economic value of opera taking into consideration the 12 main European theatres.

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European Opera Fundraising Survey - Approaching the Fundraising

Deloitte Spain carried out a European survey on behalf of Opera Europa, assessing the different fundraising models across the opera world. The Deloitte European Opera Fundraising Survey Report pretends to be a guide on how European opera institutions approach the fundraising matter, their strategies and how they organize themselves to achieve their fundraising. 

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Building Western Sydney's Cultural Arts Economy

Report showing investing in Western Sydney’s cultural arts economy is a good long term business and social investment, to ensure Western Sydney is a place where people can live, work and socialize. Cultural investment creates communities, attracts business and contributes to tourism. Thus, this report shows what business and local communities working together can achieve. 


Deloitte Art & Cultural Services

Recognizing that traditionally culture, art, and creativity have been identified as factors of personal enjoyment and education, the report, analyses the cultural industry, defined as a field of opportunities, trends and challenges, as well as Deloitte’s proven expertise on the matter. 


Deloitte Art & Finance Generating Value from Art

The report covers the opportunities and trends of the art market. Such industry has recently experienced a rising interest as an asset class due to the globalization and growing value of such industry. This asset of wealth therefore possess significant commercial opportunity, financial service applications and cultural responsibilities. Deloitte Art & Finance is the first professional business advisory to serve this market contributing to the firm’s proven expertise in serving the financial, cultural and art business sectors worldwide. 

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Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2014

Deloitte Luxemburg and ArtTactic present the third edition of the Art & Finance Report. Following the last two editions, which established a forum and platform for monitoring emerging trends and attitudes around important issues related to the Art & Finance industry, this year’s report has taken a step forward including 11 key opinion formers. These represent major market stakeholders, who express their views on what they believe are opportunities and challenges for the Art & Finance Industry, now and in the future. 

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Deloitte Arts Collectibles & Wealth Management

The report depicts the emotional and social value, potential to outperform equity markets and inflation hedge, as the key drivers for High Net Worth Individuals to invest in art and other collectibles. 

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Sydney Opera House Report

The report assesses the economic, cultural, brand and digital value of the Sydney Opera House Commissioned and produced in mid-2013. With the aim of gauge Sydney’s Opera House true worth to Australian residents and visitors, it takes into account the direct and indirect financial as well as employment value that Sydney Opera House adds to the economy, its iconic and experimental value to local and international residents or visitors, its perceived value among key audiences, and the value of its digital footprint, both now and in the future. 

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2010 Economic Impact Study of Arts and Cultural Organizations North Texas

Since 1990, Deloitte and Business Council for the Arts have partnered on a series of economic impact studies, measuring the contributions of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to the financial well-being of our community. Each study has, on its own, provided much-needed metrics on which to assess the financial contributions that art/culture make to our economy. In this 2010 study, Deloitte was again engaged by the Business Council for the Arts (“BCA”) on a pro bono basis to perform a study of the financial significance of the artistic community to the North Texas region. Deloitte developed the survey tool, analyzed the respondent information and produced the statistics contained in this report. The study conforms to methodologies commonly employed to produce economic impact studies and to maintain consistency with our prior studies.

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Business to Arts Private Investment in Arts and Culture Report

Survey report of Business to Arts conducted by Deloitte. This survey report provides analysis of private investment across a wide range of art forms and private investment types such as; business, individual giving and grants from trusts, foundations and endowments. The purpose of such survey is to gain an understanding of the level of private investment in arts and culture in Ireland. 

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Global Impact Model

The Global Impact Model offers a detail evaluation of the impact by the importance of measuring and managing the contribution to society. The model is considered as a strategic tool which serves as an evaluation of the impact organizations have from a holistic point of view. Thus, it enables to counteract the strategic coherence of the activities with the mission and social objectives that follow. 

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Art & Wealth Management-Understanding the global art market

There has been a growing interest in art related services among the financial communities. These developments show that there is a significant opportunity to integrate the concept of collectible assets in wealth management. As a result, Deloitte Luxemburg is actively involved to support the set-up of Art and Finance cluster in Luxemburg- 

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Deloitte Article on Art Secure Lending

The report illustrates the service of Art-Secured Lending, its opportunities, different trends and how Deloitte as an advisory firm can offer this type of service. Art-Secured Lending is currently considered as a niche-credit service targeted to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals who wish to unlock liquidity out of their collection or art assets for investment or personal finance purposes. 

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Deloitte Cultural Project Services-2011-2012

Report gathering Deloitte’s Cultural Project Services which includes; a strategic planning, its implementation and management. This new service is explained by the market transformation of the cultural sector characterized throughout the last 20 years, which highlights the demand created for a new approach. 

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Why should art be considered as an asset class?

By exploring the emergence of art and other collectible assets as new financial asset classes alongside traditional asset classes such as bonds or equities, we can encounter one main question to be addressed; why should art be considered as an asset class. Such question is analyzed through three different sections; a set of scene action, an analysis covering some of the factors explaining why art is considered as a new asset class; and finally a glance at the market size of this new asset class.

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