Africa CEOs Survey 

CEOs ready to face up to crises

Deloitte publishes the 3rd edition of its Africa CEO Survey Barometer, in partnership with the Africa CEO Forum. After the last two years marked by health and economic crises, 2022 already seems to represent a year of growth that offers a more favorable environment for the continent to reinvent itself despite the war in Ukraine.

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Africa CEOs Survey

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The core of this barometer is the return of pre-pandemic confidence. Africa knows how to take advantage of crisis situations and create opportunities for itself. Nevertheless, CEOS remain cautious in the face of major risks, notably cyber-attacks and the return of inflation in Europe. Thanks to their agility and the rise in skills, African companies are facing these challenges.

Emmanuel Gadret, Managing Partner Deloitte Francophone Africa.

The objective of this survey is to share the perception of African private sector leaders on key issues and challenges, as well as to document and analyze their approach to a series of fundamental aspects of their business model.

They were asked to answer 35 questions addressing the following 5 fundamental aspects of their business model: Strategy Funding & governance Innovation Human capital Sustainability.

We clearly note the representation of family groups, which underlines the reality of these actors on the scale of the continent, as well as the representation of nearly a third of the respondents in at least 2 regions of the continent, underlining the capacity of the groups operating in Africa to diversify their geographical markets.


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