Metals for Future

Digital solution and strategic intelligence consulting for critical metals

In an era of political, economic and environmental disruption, Metals for Future facilitates decision-making and helps you to manage your supply chain risks.

Finding your way in the century of metals

Driven by demographic growth, rising living standards, urbanization and ecological and digital transition, metal consumption is increasing and could triple by the middle of the century. At the same time, globalized supply chains have generated high dependence on a few ore or metal regions or suppliers.

This situation exacerbates the numerous risks (geopolitical, environmental, social, financial, techno-economic, etc.) surrounding the extraction, transformation and use of metals. Yet, many companies do not monitor these risks closely enough and are therefore vulnerable.

In this uncertain environment, Metals for Future facilitates strategic decision-making based on a 360° vision of the level of risk underlying supply chains, the economic and non-economic impact of various events (strikes, accidents, pollution, etc.) and their ranking.

Our support is founded on a constantly updated database and dynamic dashboards. Results are analyzed by the Metals for Future community, bringing together internal and external experts covering all aspects of metal risk: resource economists and legal advisors, geologists or even environmental assessment specialists.

Learn, anticipate, act




You wish to manage and reduce your exposure to critical metal risk?