Advisory dispute settlement services

Not all disputes are resolved through formal dispute resolution venues, and even in informal settings, we can assist the parties assess the relevant financial matters

We act in an advisory role to assist parties in alternative dispute resolution processes resulting from a need for expert determination, mediation services or in the context of settlement negotiations

Our clients’ goals

Disputes generally involve one party paying the other. With money at stake, we understand the importance of resolving disputes for all the parties involved. And because of this increased attention, we bring a commitment to excellence to ensure the issues at hand are properly and thoroughly addressed. Every dispute situation is different, but whether we are called upon to act as independent experts or as advisors, we bring a team of dedicated professionals to help the parties resolve their dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can we help

Our team is able to support and advise you in a confidential manner at all stages of the dispute process, including:

Providing independent expert determination services in either formal or informal dispute proceedings in both English and French. We may be appointed by a court or tribunal as part of formal proceedings, or informally by the parties as a result of a contractual agreement, and we are independent of any of the parties to the dispute.

Acting as consultant in a mediation proceedings, where both parties to a dispute may benefit from an impartial expert preparing analysis to be presented at the mediation.

Assisting you as pre-litigation and “behind-the-scene” advisors for parties contemplating disputes, or already using alternative dispute resolution processes where formal, independent experts are not presented.

In the identification and tracing of assets in order to assist the enforcement of arbitral judgments and awards.

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Battine Edwards

Battine Edwards

Associée Forensic, Disputes

Battine s’est spécialisée dans la quantification de préjudice financier et dans l’évaluation d’entreprises dans le cadre de procédures d’arbitrage international. Elle a mené de nombreuses missions aup... En savoir plus