The role of expert witness in international arbitration or litigation 

Assessing damages

The globalisation of recent decades has precipitated an enormous increase in the number of cross-border business relationships and contracts. When these relationships and contracts lead to disagreements, especially in times of crisis, parties increasingly turn to International Arbitration in order to resolve their disputes

We act as independent experts, alongside our clients and their counsel in various litigious contexts, mostly in International Arbitration, but also in front of French Courts, and provide expert opinions by assessing financial losses

Our clients’ goals

Following the termination of a contractual relationship, a disruption of the economic environment or an expropriation, our clients need an objective assessment of the economic loss suffered. We assess losses by applying rigour and robust methodologies that are accepted by tribunals. We strive always to deliver credible and authoritative expert reports and oral testimony.

How can we help

Our teams reach sound conclusions that are grounded in an independent, objective and thorough analysis of all relevant available evidence. We are proactive and approachable, and deliver concise expert reports that clearly explain the major economic and financial issues in the dispute, the analysis undertaken and our conclusions. We can provide support and advice at all stages of the dispute process:

  • Collecting, securing and analyzing available evidence through the use of our leading forensic technology skills and tools.
  • Analysing the financial consequences of alleged breaches.
  • Assessing the amount of losses suffered.
  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of opposing expert’s arguments.
  • Providing expert reports and oral testimony.
  • Assisting with settlement processes through our understanding of the case material and our experience of mediation-style processes.

The quality of our work is founded on our strengths

Our expert witnesses, who are highly experienced in giving testimony, are supported by a dedicated dispute team that is well-versed in international arbitration processes and standards.

We have dealt with an extensive array of disputes, including: breach of contract, asset expropriations, alleged sales at negligent and/or fraudulent terms, joint-venture disputes, and purchase price disputes.

Our experience spans across a wide range industries including construction, aviation, financial services, real estate, telecommunication, technology, and energy and resources sectors.

Added value for our clients

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Battine Edwards

Battine Edwards

Associée Forensic, Disputes

Battine s’est spécialisée dans la quantification de préjudice financier et dans l’évaluation d’entreprises dans le cadre de procédures d’arbitrage international. Elle a mené de nombreuses missions aup... En savoir plus