We provide financial, accounting and technical advice throughout the dispute resolution process

When dealing with global business relationships in a volatile economic environment, organisations are faced with an increased risk of business disputes at various levels. The disputes become increasingly complex, due to the growing pace at which companies create data. If not settled, disputes between business partners, competitors and shareholders may result in disrupting their business and financial results.

We combine Deloitte’s expertise in various financial, accounting as well as industry sectors to assist clients throughout the dispute resolution process.

Our services encompass the collection and in-depth analysis of structured and unstructured data, the assessment of losses suffered by the client, the presentation of our findings in a clear and comprehensive manner and the testimony in front of the court, thus assisting our client throughout the dispute resolution process.

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We support our clients as financial and accounting experts in the dispute resolution process in the context of three main areas.

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Battine Edwards

Battine Edwards

Associée Forensic, Disputes

Battine s’est spécialisée dans la quantification de préjudice financier et dans l’évaluation d’entreprises dans le cadre de procédures d’arbitrage international. Elle a mené de nombreuses missions aup... En savoir plus