Cyber Risk Framework

A framework in service of a disruptive cyber risk analysis approach

In a world increasingly driven by digital technologies and information, cyber threats are becoming more and more an everyday strategic imperative.

• Executive committee : “How my business strategy could be impacted by cyber threats?”

• Business Unit : “What are the cyber threats that can induce business risks? “

• CIO : “How can I be sure that my cybersecurity measures are relevant against cyber threats?”

Information Security actors are often asked easy questions that are difficult to answer.

They need to link cyber threats to business risks and make cybersecurity tangible to an executive and to a business audience.

Being dynamic, pragmatic and proactive, Deloitte’s CRF is a disruptive framework that will help you know your risks and choose accordingly.

CRF helps you:

• To focus on the right priorities: identify key cyber threats to your business.

• Enhance value from cybersecurity investments: align cybersecurity measures with cyber threats and demonstrate how investments meet business risks.

• Save time and effort to perform risk analysis: most of the methodology is assisted by the CRF accelerator and a knowledge database.

• Have a better risk governance: evaluate and treat all your risks from a single place.

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Michael Bittan

Michael Bittan

Associé responsable des activités Cyber Risk

Michaël est l’associé responsable des activités Cyber Risk Services de Deloitte France. Il dispose de plus de 16 ans d’expérience dans le Conseil en Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information. Il débute sa c... En savoir plus