Monitor Challenge 2021 - France

Real-life exposure to consulting

Are you interested in learning more about Strategy Consulting careers? Do you enjoy working in an interactive team to approach multidisciplinary business challenges? If so, gain real-life exposure, hands-on experience, as well as potential prizes by putting together a team to participate in the Monitor Challenge.

What is the Monitor Challenge?

The Monitor Challenge is a strategy competition organized by Monitor Deloitte Paris office and opened to students graduating in 2021 or 2022 (see subscription information). Participants will be organized by teams. Teams of 2 to 4 students will compete on a business case provided by the Monitor Deloitte Paris office. The competition will take place between March 5th and March 24th, 2021 (with an international final in April 2021).

Why to participate?

• Live a challenging team experience.

• Gain experience in case studies.

• Get a glance at what strategy consulting is about.

• Get the opportunity to meet and network with Monitor Deloitte Paris team.

Subscription information

• Only students graduating from Master level studies in 2021 or 2022 are allowed to participate in the competition.

• Participants must organize themselves into teams of 2 (minimum) to 4 (maximum).

• Please note that as part of the registration students will be required to submit their CVs. Teams will be screened based on CVs of their team members taking into account: education, work/internship experience, extra curriculum activities etc.

• Teams that pass the initial screening will receive invitation to participate in the 1st round of the competition.

Each team is to register all its participants before the subscription deadline, set on March 5th at 10:00 Paris time.


The Monitor Challenge 2021

Click here for registration!

- Subscriptions must be completed by March 5th at 10:00 Paris time
- Registered participants will receive the case on March 5th by 12:00 Paris time
- Submission deadline is set on March 7th at 23:59 Paris time
- Names of the finalists will be released on March 12th
- French final round will take place virtually on March 24th 
- International final round will take place virtually in April 2021

Contact Monitor Challenge

For all questions regarding the competition: