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Data Hub by Deloitte

Boost your performance with external data, participate in the data economy

EU regulations compliance | Private marketplace | High quality data

An asset to ease the sourcing, selling and exchange of data. A global team to support you in the design, implementation and run of your data exchange strategy.


Typical Requirements / Key Benefits

Use-case driven

“Find all data sources helping in the prediction of car spare part sales in France in the next 6 months“

We detect relevant opportunities by combining in-depth industry knowledge with intimate knowledge of data providers and data sources.

Fast activation capacities

“Our Excom needs a Tableau dashboard incl. internal data and discrete data from Nielsen tomorrow“

We work in a focused and agile way enabling a quick time-to-market of data products, directly embedded into your Exploration / Visualization tools or through APIs.

Fairness and privacy

“We would like to use location data to enrich our insights but fear that our employees breach GDPR regulations“

We systematically involve lawyers and cybersecurity experts from Deloitte to transform these constraints into competitive advantage.





The magic behind Data Hub by Deloitte

#1 in Analytics services for the 6th year

Thousands of data providers

ISO27001 certified, multi cloud

Data exchange strategy expertise

Flexible integration with existing systems

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