ESG Datalab

Management and reporting of the ESG & Climate performance of your portfolios

Responsible finance is exploding. It would represent today 11% of assets under management worldwide, i.e. several thousand billion. A few years ago, socially responsible investment (SRI) was a niche market, concentrated in Europe, whose credibility was based on the expertise and experience of the SRI teams.

We are observing a radical change of scale that requires us rethinking methodologies, exploiting massive amounts of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data, implementing structured processes, train all managers and modifying algorithms to integrate environmental or social criteria.

ESG Datalab is a solution that enables you to accelerate the deployment of ESG & Climate criteria integration in your investment decisions in a robust, transparent and adaptable way.


ESG Datalab

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Deloitte supports financial institutions in the strategic thinking and operational implementation of ESG across all business activities. To this end, we have gathered a unique interdisciplinary team around the "ESG Datalab".

  • Business expertise: responsible finance experts, responsible investment observatory, R&D work and contribution to market discussions (FIR, F4T, IIF, France Invest, etc.).
  • Data and technology capabilities: design of end-to-end solutions for collection (APIs and robots), storage, calculation engines, verification, dashboarding and automated ESG reporting.
  • Change management: training in sustainable development issues, ESG data, ESG analysis, culture change, etc.


Nicolas de Jenlis

Nicolas de Jenlis

DCE Climate & Sustainability Leader

Nicolas accompagne les entreprises sur leur stratégie, déploiement opérationnel et reporting en matière de Développement Durable et de Responsabilité Sociétale. Il est spécialisé dans l’ESG (Environne... En savoir plus

Yoan Chazal

Yoan Chazal

Associé, Investment Management Services

Yoan Chazal est associé en charge des activités gestion d’actifs, banque privée, capital-investissement et services titres pour la France et Monaco depuis 2019 ainsi que membre de l’Investment Managem... En savoir plus