Although the effects of climate change are significant, together we can drive positive change. Progress is possible if, as members of society and the business community, we act collectively and immediately.

To do our part to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, Deloitte has launched WorldClimate—our strategy to drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond.

We recognize that change starts within. Deloitte must set and meet higher standards for itself, empowering our professionals and connecting with our broader ecosystem to create solutions that facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy.

Our climate strategy stands upon four main pillars:

  • Net Zero by 2030
  • Embed Sustainability
  • Empower Individuals
  • Engage Ecosystems

Net Zero by 2030

We commit to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 for our own operations, ahead of the 2050 timeframe set by the Paris Agreement. Developed in line with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degrees Celsius scenario, Deloitte’s global GHG reduction goals have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

In the CIS, we plan to offset our GHG emissions by investing in renewable energy solutions.

Embed Sustainability

We recognize that we must align our climate policies, practices, and actions across our organization. We are pursuing this objective by designating a senior leader responsible for climate issues across geographies, prioritizing discussion of climate change on executive agendas, embedding climate-smart considerations into decisions on office operations, real estate, and investments, and continuing to report our annual emissions externally for transparency and accountability.

In the CIS, we have been supporting the climate agenda for several years. Waste is recycled in our Baku, Kyiv and Moscow offices, and we are working on expanding this initiative across our operations in the CIS.

We have reduced our corporate fleet and switched to taxis, as using our own vehicles is more resource-intensive in terms of the environment.  Moreover, our firm has proactively reduced unnecessary travel to countries outside our region to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions from business trips.

In order to manage and improve our resource efficiency, we collect data on electricity, water, and paper usage at all of our offices and disclose this information every year both internally (to Global) and externally (through our Impact Reports).

Empower Individuals

By engaging and educating our employees on how their decisions about what they consume, use, and buy impact the environment, we enable our people to make positive climate choices at home and at work, amplifying them through their personal networks.

In the CIS, we have been organizing our Green Days Campaign for several years now. To support our people’s individual efforts to combat climate change even as they work from home, this year our traditional Green Days Campaign was held online throughout the whole month of April. Green Days aims to encourage all CIS employees to reduce their environmental impact.

Engage Ecosystems

We collaborate with clients, alliance partners, NGOs, industry groups, suppliers, and others to act collectively against climate change.

Deloitte CIS has joined the Goal 13 Platform, which aims to strengthen existing support for companies in managing the transition to a low carbon, resilient and valuable future, encouraging both ambitious commitments and pragmatic action.

We believe that real change starts from within. Each and every one of us has a role to play today in raising the bar on what’s possible for climate change tomorrow. This will require reimagining, reinventing, and redesigning many of the day-to-day experiences of our lives, as well as how businesses and economies operate.

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