Services for companies in the oil and gas sector


Services for companies in the oil and gas sector

Deloitte is a global leader in oil and gas consulting, and our team is a global centre of excellence.

Our experience covers all key areas of the oil and gas industry and includes exploration, development, extraction, transportation, refinery and sale of oil and gas, as well as oilfield services.

We have experience in delivering consulting projects for our clients across a wide range of management issues: from strategy development to the implementation of information systems at oilfield level.

A thorough knowledge of oil and gas companies operations allows us to implement specialised projects in the following areas:

  • modelling and optimisation of hydrocarbon asset portfolios
  • reduction in oilfield costs and extension of the economically profitable period of development of hydrocarbon deposits
  • audit and forecast of material balances including work related to associated petroleum gas
  • development of hydrocarbon production accounting systems and preparation of statements on material flows at deposit (oil / gas / water)
  • strategies and processes for companies providing oil services and manufacturing oil and gas equipment
  • analysis of the oil services market and benchmarking of key indicators
  • improvement of oil and gas consumption system services