Posted: 21 Oct. 2021 6 min. read

Empowering women to thrive

Grace is an Audit Senior at Deloitte Ghana. She is also a community outreach worker, volunteer and author dedicated to empowering women.

My mum once told me a story of true resilience. The story of a young and uneducated Ghanaian woman who decided to keep a baby she had not planned for, despite the limits she knew having this child at just 17 would place on her life. Of how her baby daughter suffered from a rare skin condition which covered her entire body and which doctors could not cure. Of how they spent several years with no fixed home, sleeping in unfinished buildings and grocery stores. 

Their story took a turn when the girl was seven years old. Her skin condition suddenly healed and she resolved to put everything she had into her education.  Despite how difficult it was for her mother to keep her in school, the girl was determined to climb up the academic ladder. It was a hard climb. At times teachers even had to pay towards her tuition fees. Then in Senior High School she was chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the Chesed Foundation Ghana, which took care for her education from then on. And so the girl kept going. She was determined to reach the top no matter what. And today, that girl is a chartered accountant and an auditor at Deloitte. 

That child is me, and my and mother’s story is one I gladly share to inspire others. Having overcome the challenges I faced growing up, having learnt never to give up, I am dedicated to reminding others that they too can thrive, and not just survive.

My name is Grace Owusu. I am the Founder of Lift Ghana - an organisation which uplifts women and children from the many challenges they face in society. Since creating Lift Ghana in 2016, my team and I have visited many women across Accra to provide them with food, free medical screenings, clothes, gifts and career advice. We organise parties and conferences to encourage them to look beyond hardship and empower them socially and emotionally. I also volunteer as Associate Director and mentor at The Gracedlife Leadership Centre, an organisation which aims to raise the next generation of African leaders.


Through my experiences and outreach work, I have grown to understand the challenges women face and why they must rise above them to succeed in business, academia, ministry, politics or on whatever path they want to take.  I have witnessed the sexism, misogyny, objectification and abuse that women in my country and elsewhere are subject to.  This has led me to reflect on the very essence of womanhood and to write a book titled “Created to rule” to empower women in Ghana and beyond to overcome all types of discrimination.

Despite a hard start on my journey I know I have been fortunate. Sadly things are different for most women out there - but it doesn’t have to be. I am particularly lucky to work at a firm like Deloitte, where women are exceptionally talented and encouraged to aim high. I strongly believe that every woman who has a dream can achieve whatever she sets her mind to. And through my work and volunteering, I will continue to remind them of that.