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Helping socially responsible businesses adapt during COVID-19

Everyday Impact Story: Deloitte UK is supporting NOW Group and helping people with learning difficulties find employment

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, Deloitte people around the globe are working to connect to what matters each and every day. This story is part of a series featuring Deloitte people and the impactful work they are doing with clients and in the communities they serve.

What is the challenge?

When COVID-19 hit the UK, many social enterprises like NOW Group, with whom Deloitte UK in Northern Ireland has a long-standing relationship, began to face unprecedented challenges. Each year, NOW Group helps more than 1,000 people with learning difficulties and autism find employment. Their mission is more important than ever considering the economic fallout caused by the pandemic. At the start of the crisis, Deloitte reached out to NOW Group CEO, Maeve Monaghan, to see how they could offer support.

How are we helping?

Following an initial discussion, Deloitte made a monetary donation to NOW Group, which, according to Maeve, was greatly needed to help them continue their mission.

In addition to this donation, Deloitte practitioners are helping NOW Group to pivot their strategy to address current needs. NOW Group has expanded its services to provide grocery packs for program participants with which to feed their families, as well as meals for vulnerable people and frontline workers. They continue to address other needs as they emerge, flexibly and reliably. And, even in the midst of COVID-19, NOW Group is still helping its participants secure jobs.

Deloitte is committed to helping NOW Group and other local organizations serve their communities now that they are needed the most.

At Deloitte, we are connecting with our clients, people, and communities to make an impact every day.

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