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By Michele Parmelee
Deloitte Global Chief People and Purpose Officer

When your “products” are insights, ideas and solutions, you must do more than hire bright, talented people. Individuals’ knowledge and skills—both technical and interpersonal—are assets that need to be developed and refined in ways that not only differentiate your organization, but also relentlessly improve the value you offer.

That’s why at Deloitte, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars the past few years to connect our people with classroom training, online learning, mentoring programs and rotational assignments that nurture their growth. While many organizations prefer to outsource the responsibility of professional development to universities, governments and individuals, we enthusiastically embrace it and have made it a core part of our business strategy.

Deloitte’s talent for developing talent defines us. We believe connecting our people with professional development opportunities not only improves client work, but also results in a workforce prepared with the advanced capabilities and skills required now and in the future.

Deloitte’s commitment to professional development comes to life through Deloitte University (DU) and its global curriculum. About 90% of DU sessions—designed to enhance leadership, professional, industry and technical skills—are led by partners, principals and managing directors. Nearly 133,000 Deloitte people participated in courses last year at DU’s six facilities around the world, including about 14,000 first-year professionals and interns. We also are investing in the design and development of a digital learning system that will give Deloitte professionals access to instant and personalized client, industry and skills-based knowledge.

We know from the annual Deloitte Global Millennial Survey that young people crave professional development and favor employers that provide it. That gives Deloitte an edge when competing for and retaining talent. Last year, about 3.2 million people applied for jobs here and we hired more than 90,500 of them. But we’re also realists. Younger workers, in general, express less job loyalty than prior generations, at a time when companies aggressively seek top talent.

While we don’t want to lose anyone, we take pride in knowing that when our talent leaves, they go on to make meaningful contributions to society as leaders of other companies, governments and nongovernmental organizations. And they do so because of the knowledge, skills and experiences they gained at Deloitte.

At Deloitte, we consider ourselves to be colleagues for life. And helping people be better at what they do is one of the most impactful societal contributions we make.

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