Green Frog Award

Deloitte Central European
Sustainability Report Award 2016

About Green Frog Award

Deloitte Central European Sustainability Report Award – the Green Frog Award - is an award for best sustainability reports. The contest aims to identify and reward excellence in corporate non-financial reporting in Central Europe.

The Green Frog Award (GFA) was launched in 2000 in Hungary and step by step embraced by other CE countries (Balkans joined in 2009, Czech Republic in 2012, and Baltics in 2013). From 2015, the GFA consists of a national and regional level. Reports rewarded at the national level will be automatically nominated to the Central European level.

The Green Frog Award consists of two levels:

  • National level GFA – Companies can showcase sustainability practices at the national level by submitting their non-financial reports, which are evaluated and rewarded by a national jury.

    Companies with best reports will compete for 1 main national Green Frog Award and a few others in separate categories. Winners will receive a national Green Frog label for excellence in non-financial reporting. 
  • Regional level GFA – Companies can showcase sustainability practices at the Central European level.

    Companies awarded at the national level are automatically nominated to the CE level. They are evaluated and rewarded by a regional jury. Companies with best reports will compete for 1 main regional Green Frog Award and a few others in separate categories. Winners will receive a CE Green Frog label for excellence in non-financial reporting.



  • National level:
    - Launch of national GFAs: depending on the participating country
    - Deadline for the submission of reports: 16 September 2016
    - Evaluation by national juries: from 19 September 2016
    - Selection of finalists: 2nd half of October 2016
    - National GFA ceremonies: October/November 2016
  • Regional level:
    - Evaluation and selection of finalists by the regional jury: by the end of November 2016
    - Announcement of regional awards: beginning of December 2016


Reports will be assessed according to these criteria:

1.       Sustainability performance & strategic commitments

2.       Materiality

3.       Content

4.       Structure and creativity in communication (getting the message across)

5.       Impact measurement

6.       Financial and non-financial data integration

Please find more information on the GFA criteria in the file to download

GFA - detailed assessment criteria

How to participate

Who can apply? large companies, holdings, capital groups, SMEs, foundations, universities

Which reports can be submitted? social reports, CSR reports, sustainability reports, integrated reports covering previous 1-2 financial years

We don’t accept reports that focus only on 1 sustainability-related issue, i.e. environmental reports, foundation’s reports, etc.

Language of the reports:

  • National level – companies can submit the reports in their local language or in English
  • Regional level – reports will be evaluated by an international jury, therefore preselected companies at the national level will be asked for an English version of their report if they have originally submitted the document in another linguistic version

Which guidelines should the reports follow? GRI G3.1, GRI G4, IIRC, UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, EU Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups.


Please download the application form. Fill it and send it together with your report to:
Croatia – Ana Vucer -
Czech Republic – Gabriela Labikova -
Hungary – Gabriella Jenei - 
Poland – Monika Czokajło -
Romania – Anca Serban -
Slovenia – Zala Praprotnik -

Download the application form

Jury members

The members of the jury on the regional level in 2016 are:


In 2016, the reports are evaluated on the national level by an independent panel of judges, such as:

  • Aleksandra Sobczak – Journalist at Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Andrea Simon – Head of International Relations in Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Daniel G. Németh – Changemaker at Ususty
  • Dóra Drexler(ÖMKi) – Managing director in Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
  • Judit Beke Lisányi Endréné – Docent at Budapest Business School, College of International Management and Business, Department of International and European Studies
  • Dragan Zelić – Sc. political scientist, member of GONG – a civil society organization founded in 1997 to encourage citizens to actively participate in the political processes
  • Ewa Sowińska – Vice Chief of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors
  • Irén Márta – Managing Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH)
  • Iva Petříčková – Executive Director at the Business Leaders Forum
  • Janina Filek – Professor at the Cracow University of Economics
  • Kamil Pluskwa-Dąbrowski – Representative of Federacja Konsumentów (Consumer Federation)
  • Kriszta Kocsis – Attache in British Embassy, Budapest
  • Lucie Mádlová – Executive Director at the Asociace společenské odpovědnosti
  • Łukasz Korycki – Vice Chief editor at Pulsu Biznesu
  • Magdalena Krukowska – Doctor of Philosophy, journalist, business ethic, author of the blog „Biznes (Nie)Etyczny”, Bernheim fellow, UCL
  • Mirella Panek-Owsiańska – Director at the Responsible Business Forum
  • Mirna Maravić – univ. spec. oec., Senior adviser in Ministry of the Economy,
  • Mislav Ante Omazić – Professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb
  • Nenad Nikolić – sc. ing physics, Croatian Standards Institute,
  • Pavlína Kalousová – Chairwoman at the Byznys pro společnost, fórum odpovědných firem,
  • Paweł Prochenko – Representative of the Foundation for Social Communication
  • Piotr Onikki-Górski – Representative of Business Centre Club
  • Piotr Wachowiak – Doctor of Philosophy at the Warsaw School of Economics
  • Richárd Nagy – Industrial Designer & CEO & Owner
  • Róbert Bárány – Editor at the Ozone Network TV channel
  • Tibor Faragó – Honorary Professor in Szent István University (Hungary), member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Tomasz Brzozowski – Doctor of Philosophy at the Wrocław University of Economics 
  • Tomasz Karol Wiśniewski – Representative of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, co-creaotr of RESPECT Index
  • Viktória Doró – Owner, Editor in Chief at ReCity Magazin
  • Zoltán Ötvös – Journalist at Hungarian Times (Magyar Idők)

Winners of Green Frog Award 2015

The winner of the Green Frog Award 2015:

The following companies received distinctions in the Green Frog Award 2015:

Read more about the winners of Green Frog Award 2015.

Jury members 2015

In 2015, the reports were evaluated by an independent panel of judges:

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