The Ocean Cleanup & Deloitte Partnership

Making an impact that matters is what Deloitte is all about, which is why a partnership with The Ocean Cleanup was a natural fit for Deloitte Netherlands. The team has been a key adviser on this ambitious project in areas of strategy, technology, financial structure, human capital, tax and other disciplines. Check out the articles below to learn more about this incredible partnership.

A partnership impacting our Oceans

It is estimated there are over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean accumulating in five garbage patches. If left untouched, the environmental, health and economic impacts will be catastrophic.  Learn more about the impact of the Ocean Cleanup partnership.

About The Ocean Cleanup

Curious about the history and science behind The System? Watch the videos below to learn more.


Cleaning the world's ocean

How it works

The Launch

Read about and watch various recaps from the historic day that the system launched out of the San Francisco Bay.

RE-watch the launch in 60 seconds

Re-watch Deloitte’s Instagram story from launch day

Looking back at the first six months

Having recently reached the six month milestone makes for a perfect time to gather the first impressions and experiences. How did this collaboration kick off? What have The Ocean Cleanup and Deloitte been working on from the start? And what were the first tangible achievements? Let’s hear it from those involved.

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