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Financial services regulatory outlooks 2021

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The Deloitte Centers for Regulatory Strategy have released a series of 2021 financial services regulatory outlooks to help financial services firms across the globe navigate the year ahead.

The world continues to face a formidable shared challenge in COVID-19. Yet the economic implications of the pandemic – along with government and regulatory responses–are increasingly variable between regions. Regulators and financial services firms have naturally prioritized financial and operational resilience, and navigating these critical challenges is no mean feat, particularly amid a continuing degree of regulatory divergence between jurisdictions.

Thus far, regulators have worked closely with financial services firms to ensure they are a key part of the solution in pandemic responses. Firms will understandably want to preserve this role. First and foremost, this means fulfilling the industry’s primary function: channel credit and investment to where they are most needed. But financial services firms will also need to deliver in three important areas: the increasingly urgent need to progress against sustainability objectives, fostering cultures that deliver good outcomes for customers and society, and making meaningful progress on the imperatives of diversity and inclusion.

2021 Asia Pacific financial services regulatory outlook

As impactful as the pandemic was in 2020 and will continue to be in 2021, there are a number of other forces that will shape the business environment for financial services firms in Asia Pacific in the coming year. These include macroeconomic developments (such as low interest rates and fiscal policy support); geopolitical tensions and rising national sentiment; the accelerated uptake of technology; cost pressures; and, the consequential impact of the above forces on talent models. With Asia Pacific potentially set to exit the extraordinary policy support measures and re-open economies earlier than the rest of the world, it is even more important to turn our attention to “what happens next.”

View the 2021 Asia Pacific regulatory outlook.

Asia Pacific financial services regulatory outlook

EMEA financial markets regulatory outlook 2021: Recover, renew, rebuild

The 2021 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regulatory outlook explores how major regulatory trends will affect the financial services industry in the year ahead and how firms can respond to these effectively.

The 2021 edition considers: credit risk, financial resilience and business model viability; operational resilience; digitization and innovation; sustainability and much more. The report looks at these wide-ranging themes across the banking and capital markets, insurance and investment management sectors. It also explores other supervisory priorities in each of these three sectors.

View the 2021 EMEA regulatory outlook.

EMEA financial markets regulatory outlook

United States financial services regulatory outlooks

The collection of financial services regulatory outlooks for Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and Investment Management explores key themes specific to each sector that could have a significant impact on our clients’ business and operating environment.

These regulatory outlooks reinforce financial services’ commitment to join forces with our clients and write a new future for capitalism–where a focus on “A higher bottom line” presents a tremendous opportunity for our industry to not only address the state of flux and disruption but to do so to benefit society.

View the 2021 United States regulatory outlooks.

US Financial Services Regulatory Outlooks

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