The future of financial services

How disruptive forces are transforming the financial services landscape

Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations, and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services. Are financial institutions prepared for this disruption?

For the past five years, Deloitte, in close collaboration with the World Economic Forum (Forum) has conducted extensive research on how innovation and new technologies like fintech, insurtech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are impacting the financial services landscape.

As part of this research, we published a series of reports that study the impact of each of these forces, and how they are changing the way in which financial institutions operate and engage with their customers. The reports substantiate all findings with real world examples and identify challenges and uncertainties that firms need to address to remain competitive.

Read these reports to find out what opportunities lie ahead for financial institutions, and how they can thrive in the future of financial services.

Beneath the surface
Technology-driven systemic risks and the continued need for innovation

The next generation of data-sharing in financial services
Using privacy enhancing techniques to unlock new value

Cleared for takeoff
Five megatrends that will change financial services

Forging new pathways
The next evolution of innovation in financial services

The new physics of financial services
How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial ecosystem

Over the horizon
Blockchain and the future of financial infrastructure

Understanding the strategic and regulatory risks of artificial intelligence in financial services
Navigating uncharted waters

Beyond Fintech
A pragmatic assessment of disruptive potential in financial services

Picture perfect
A blueprint for digital identity
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