Deloitte at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018


Deloitte at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018

Global highlights

CES is a launch pad for innovation and breakthrough technologies. This year, Deloitte showcased emerging and disruptive technologies, smart cities, evolving personal mobility ecosystem, digital transformation, cyber risk, and more.

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Deloitte at CES Asia 2018
13-15 June 2018 | Shanghai, China

Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smarter Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is on the precipice of realizing the full impact of smart cities on its economy and well being. Smart mobility, smart governance, and smart infrastructure, holds promise for companies, governments, and people across the spectrum.

More than 500 industry professionals attended the Deloitte Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smarter Asia Pacific forum on 14 June at CES Asia. We discussed the following topics:

  • Smart transportation and the promises the future of mobility holds for automakers, technology companies, urban planners, and governments.
  • Consumer interest in autonomous vehicles, emerging mobility technologies, and business models, which are disrupting traditional value chains.
  • The realities of implementing smart mobility solutions in smart cities and front-line perspective on partnerships, governance, innovative financing, and cybersecurity.
CES Asia 2018

Below are the details and videos of the Deloitte sessions:

    An automaker’s view on smart mobility

    Moderator: John Hung, National Industry Program Leader, Deloitte

    Panelists: Dr. Daniel Kirchert, President and Co-Founder, Byton

    The impact and opportunity smart mobility represents for the automotive sector includes everything from capital investment to new business models. In this session, senior executives from the automotive industry share perspectives on how to approach a world of highly-connected, electrified vehicles operating under diverse business models.


    Implementing smart mobility in smart cities

    Moderator: Simon Dixon, Global Transportation Sector Leader, Deloitte


    • Evan Tahler, Chief Product Officer, Voom
    • Yang Lizhi, Director of Smart Cities, Huawei Technologies

    Smart mobility represents one of the most important benefits of smart cities, yet the practicalities of implementing the concept are complex. In this session, a panel of experts representing multiple smart mobility and smart city initiatives present their recommendations and advice for others exploring similar opportunities.


    Are consumers ready for autonomous vehicles?

    Moderator: Alice Yu, Risk Advisory Partner, Deloitte China


    • Marco Hecker, Deloitte China Automotive Leader
    • Zhu Jiangming, Founder and Chairman, Leapmotor
    • Frank Wang, Vice President of Advanced Safety and User Experience, Asia Pacific, Aptiv

    Autonomous vehicles offer a number of benefits, but where does the technology stand today? Are consumers ready to reap its benefits? Listen to leading automotive executives discuss the current landscape of autonomous technologies and share their views on prospects for mass consumer adoption.


    Connected vehicles operating in connected ecosystems

    Moderator: Andy Zhou, Consulting Partner, Deloitte China


    • Hao Fei, CEO, Banma Network
    • Hans Lippert, Director of Digital Business, Audi China
    • Han Yi, General Manager, Ingeek
    • Cheng Liwei, Cloud Chief Architect for Smart Mobility, Alibaba

    Connected vehicles operating in connected ecosystems offer new possibilities as they seamlessly communicate with one another and the infrastructure, consumers and world around them. Listen to this panel explore the challenges, opportunities, and other aspects of connected vehicles operating on streets across Asia Pacific.


    Exploring the promise of smart cities

    Moderator: Clare Ma, Smart City Leader, Deloitte China

    • Guan Hongming, CEO, Sugon
    • Tony Chen, Vice President, Shanghai Data Exchange Corp

    Listen to senior leaders operating in the smart cities realm share their perspective on a future where virtually everything in urban corridors is connected through a cohesive ecosystem of smart mobility, healthcare, education and more, all to the benefit of tomorrow’s city dwellers.

    For the latest news from the show, photos, and more, visit the CES Asia 2018 page.

    Simon Dixon, Deloitte Global Transportation Leader shares insights on building smart cities

    Marco Hecker, Deloitte China Auto Sector Leader talks about trends surrounding autonomous vehicles

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    CES Asia 2017 - Exploring the Future of Mobility

    Our CES 2018 Smart City program evolved from the mobility sessions we convened at CES 2017. Explore videos and podcasts from CES 2017.

    Register at CES Asia's official site.


    Eminence at CES

    Deloitte brought together the best thinking from across our industries and businesses, and distributed several exclusive eminence pieces at the event. Take a look at our thought leadership here.

    Deloitte City Mobility Index

    Deloitte City Mobility Index

    What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades. Explore our DCMI report that analyzes 18 major cities on key aspects of mobility, the city’s approach to the Future of Mobility (FoM), and the resulting relationship to economic performance.

    download the document

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    TMT Predictions 2018

    TMT Predictions 2018

    Will augmented reality become mainstream? How will machine learning affect the enterprise? What's the future of the smartphone? Deloitte Global invites you to read the 2018 Predictions report, designed to provide insight about the transformation and growth opportunities in the technology, media and telecommunications industry, over the next one to five years.

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    Global Consumer Auto Study—A reality check on advanced vehicle technologies

    Global Consumer Auto Study—A reality check on advanced vehicle technologies

    The idea of self-driving and electrified vehicles is gaining acceptance among global consumers, but is this enough to make our utopian dreams come true? The 2018 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study discusses the shifting market fundamentals and answers important questions that can help companies prioritize and better position their business strategies and investments.

    download the document

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    Other recent eminence

    Other recent eminence

    2018 Global health care outlook

    The 2018 outlook reviews the current state of the global health care sector; explores trends and issues impacting health care providers, governments, other payers, and patients; and suggests considerations for stakeholders as they seek to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and smart health care.

    download the document

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    2018 Life Sciences Outlook

    This 2018 Life Sciences outlook reviews the current state of the global life sciences economy and explores the trends impacting life science companies as they aim to improve patient centricity. It also discusses the strategies companies should adopt to thrive in the coming year.

    download the document

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    Tracking the trends 2018

    This annual flagship mining report examines the top 10 issues miners may face in the coming year. Our global mining professionals once again share their experiences to help identify strategies mining companies can take to smooth out the recovery and minimize the industry’s historical boom and bust cycle. This year, our professionals also share their views on some of the potential industry disruptors which may be on the horizon.

    download the document

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    The future of tax in mining

    Despite taking significant strides to be more transparent and articulating their contributions to the communities in which they operate, mining companies are still challenged to be more proactive in communicating the value they deliver. This report addresses key mining tax trends and outlines how disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning present opportunities to enhance the tax function’s effectiveness.

    download the document

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    Leadership blogs

    Deloitte leaders share their experiences from CES 2018. Read the blogs to learn insightful stories.

    Are you ready for the future of mobility?
    By Simon Dixon, Global Transportation Leader, Deloitte UK

    3 key telecom takeaways from CES 2018
    By Craig Wigginton, Global, U.S. and Americas Telecommunications Leader and Vice Chairman, Deloitte LLP

    The Tale of Two Industries
    By Andrew Swart, Partner, Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte Canada

    TMT podcasts

    From CES 2018, TMT industry’s User Friendly podcast broadcasted three sessions that talked about emerging trends in tech, media, and telecom. Listen to them here.

    Future of Mobility and Smart Cities at CES Vegas 2018

    Smart Cities: Thriving in the Future sessions

    For the first time, CES 2018 launched a dedicated CES Smart Cities featuring a dedicated exhibit area and a two-day conference program—presented by Deloitte and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™. The program featured thought leaders and decision makers from different industries exploring what’s next for smart cities and the future of mobility.

    Watch the videos from our sessions.

    Future of Mobility and Smart Cities at CES

    Smart Cities: Thriving in the Future sessions

    For the first time, CES 2018 launched a dedicated CES Smart Cities featuring a dedicated exhibit area and a two-day conference program—presented by Deloitte and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™. The program featured thought leaders and decision makers from different industries exploring what’s next for smart cities and the future of mobility. Watch content from this program in the Blogs, Videos and Vlogs section.

    For more insights on Future of Mobility and Smart Cities, visit and

    Deloitte booth and demos

    Our booth at the Westgate, featured a variety of Smart Cities and Future of Mobility related content delivered an interactive experience to attendees.
    Demos included:

    Deloitte City Mobility Index and Smart Bases

    Analyzes key mobility vectors of 18 global cities. It also studies the readiness of these cities for the Future of Mobility, while outlining the strengths, challenges, and key focus areas for each.

    Responsive City Demonstration

    Enables a government to efficiently respond to resident’s needs leading to increased satisfaction.

    Orange County MyOCeServices 311 system

    Provides residents with an easily accessible way to navigate city services.

    Auto Value Chain 2025

    Dynamic tool to support automotive decision-makers in understanding key drivers, plausible scenarios, impacts to their P&L, and guidance on their unique transformational path.

    Digital Command Center | CitySynergy

    Operational brain that manages complex city environments, events and emergencies, delivering operational insights.

    Innovation Tech Terminal (ITT) & Ecosystem Scanning-Sensing-Scouting demo 

    Unique collaboration between Deloitte US and Deloitte Israel to connect our clients with the innovative technologies of Israel’s best and brightest startups.

    Global VIP tour

    Deloitte partnered with Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to provide clients with a VIP tour of the CES show floor. Tours were curated by Deloitte and led by Shawn DuBravac, former Chief Economist with CTA. The tour commenced at the Deloitte booth with our leaders detailing the Deloitte City Mobility Index, Digital Command Centre & Responsive City. The tour then proceeded to the EU booth supported by Deloitte North West Europe under EU’s Overseas Trade Fairs (OTF) program.

    2018 Financial Services Outlooks

    What critical business and regulatory issues should the financial services industry consider in 2018? Learn about the trends that banks, commercial real estate firms, insurance companies, and investment management firms should keep in mind to maximize value and growth in the year ahead.

    download the document

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    Scott Corwin
    Managing Director and Future of Mobility Leader

    John Skowron
    Global Consulting Government & Public Services Leader and Global Smart City Smart Nation Leader

    Mike Turley
    Global Government & Public Services Leader

    Tim Hanley
    Global C&IP Leader

    Mark Gardner
    Global Consulting Manufacturing Leader

    Rajeev Chopra
    Global E&R Leader

    Bob Contri
    Global FS Leader

    Paul Sallomi
    Global TMT Leader

    Greg Reh
    Global LSHC Leader

    Michael Flynn
    Global Government & Public Services Financial Advisory Leader

    Simon Dixon
    Global Transport Leader


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