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2016 Global Impact Report

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The Talent Intelligent Board


The Talent Intelligent Board

The essential resource

In most organizations, talent is the essential resource — in fact your talent is the one thing that can distinguish you from your competitors. Without the right people to execute and deliver the organization’s strategy and objectives at all levels of the organization, the business will fail to reach its full potential. If talent is so vital, the question is, How does the board influence the organization’s ability to attract, develop, and retain talent?

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The Talent Intelligent Board

Deloitte has released its latest report from the Intelligent Board series, The Talent-Intelligent Board: The Essential Resource. With insight from Deloitte Global leaders, this report offers boards of directors and senior executives a guide to key strategic issues affecting talent. The report will assist in defining the board's roles and responsibilities with regard to talent oversight and will provide ideas, as well as questions to pose to management. The report focuses on six important issues that impact the strategic management of talent in today’s organizations:

  1. Overseeing talent-related risks
  2. Increasing management accountability for talent
  3. Considering the impact of demographics on the business and talent management strategies
  4. Understanding the talent retention risks
  5. Maintaining the right talent oversight by the board of directors
  6. Planning for succession in family businesses

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