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Change the patient experience­

Use ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Life Sciences­ to create a meaningful feedback loop with your customers­­

The opportunity to connect with patients and healthcare systems to deliver better treatment and economic outcomes is more possible today than ever before. ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Life Sciences allows life science companies to take a leading role in this industry evolution by harnessing emerging technology to create meaningful patient dialogue.

Innovative Approaches to Keep Patients Connected to the Ever-Changing Healthcare Ecosystem

Our flexible platform delivers consistent, high-touch customer experience across channels, and enables adherence and care coordination to each patient’s full care network. Here’s how ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Life Sciences can create an impact in your organization:

Connected apps & devices

Conduct digital therapy, improve patient outcomes, and support healthcare providers in managing patient care with the help of our regulated applications and devices.

Insights & analytics

Use internal and external data analysis to gather unique insights into patient treatment and interactions while demonstrating real-world evidence.

Data hub & exchange services

Aggregate patient data from multiple sources and connect both clients and external vendor data into a single view for all patient interactions.

Care team coordination

Enable and effectively support care coordination across HCPs, providers, and other team members.

Helping patients stay connected with Salesforce integration

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Deloitte Digital enhances patient engagement digital capabilities 

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Enhancing Patient Engagement with ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Life Sciences

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Christopher Zant

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