Customer and Marketing Strategy


Strategic Transformation

We work with executives to catalyze enterprise-wide, strategy-led business transformation.

We help clients define their strategic direction to make key where-to-play, how-to-win, and configuration choices both at the corporate level to inform overarching strategy and portfolio make up as well as at the business unit or geographic level.

We collaborate with clients taking into account deep perspectives about customers, technology evolution, the emergence of sector-blurring ecosystems, and changing sources of advantage. We also work closely with our clients to advance their enterprise digital and disruptive technologies strategies building on the opportunities—and threats—presented by cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things, to name a few.

Through it all, our specialists act as guides in the design and execution of transformation programs to realize full business value, connecting ambition to strategies, capabilities, programs, and plans.

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Thinking big with business transformation

Business transformation initiatives require business leaders to rethink how the enterprise creates value today—and in the future. Incremental improvement is not enough to win in today’s exponentially disrupted business environment. Enterprises have to think big—and bold. Thinking big can help organizations unlock the value of transformation, unlock hidden opportunities, and generate new value.

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

In an increasingly uncertain and changing environment, we help clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation, and disruption.


Tom Schoenwaelder

Tom Schoenwaelder

Strategic Growth Transformation Leader

Tom is a New York based principal at Deloitte and leads the Strategic Growth Transformation market offering at Monitor Deloitte. Previously, he was a partner at Monitor Group, where he consulted for 1... More

Gavin McTavish

Gavin McTavish

National Strategy & Business Design Leader

Gavin leads the National Strategy and Business Design practice as well as Monitor Deloitte Canada. He is also the global offering lead for Corporate and Business Unit Strategy, and is a member of Moni... More

Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs

Partner (Security and Justice)

Richard is Deloitte’s Security and Justice consulting lead for the UK. In this role Richard looks after our transformation support to the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Policing. As a result of ... More